New York Highlights: Fort Washington to Fort Tryon Park

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Dare you wander to the north of Manhattan and visit Washington Heights, where Fort Washington lies, the last defense against the British during the American Revolutionary War?
During your quest, you will see The Cloisters, one of the most unique museums in the city for its medieval look and feel.  You will learn how St. Frances Cabrini impacted the lives of children everywhere, including the Five Points, the worst slum in the city’s history. You will discover the story of an exclusive dinner where guests were served on horseback.
Attention and keep your eyes peeled, esquire! The mission is about to begin…
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Places you will visit


It will take you

55-85 mins

You will walk

6570 steps

Total distance

5 km


  • Learn how Fort Tryon is linked to the Battle of Fort Washington during the American Revolution

  • Explore the highest natural point in Manhattan

  • Discover who was the first woman to serve in combat in the U.S. Army

  • Wonder at the view under the Billings Arcade

  • Experience the magic of walking through Heather Garden


You look up. There he is. You stick out your arm and wait for Beetle, your eagle, to land, then you detach a small scroll from his leg. It reads:
Two long-ships, perhaps 80 Viking warriors, approach from the south on the Hudson River. Send word to Tryonsbury.
What do they intend? They will pass right in front of the keep. There must be 1000 guards there. We would crush them. Still, you must bring the news to your lord. But wait— who sent this? You don’t recognize the seal.

Game route

Starting point Fort Washington Memorial
501-521 Fort Washington Ave, New York, NY 10033, USA
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Hedi Nelson

21 Oct 2023

Ariel Peguero

08 Oct 2023


08 Oct 2023

Andy Velwest

27 Aug 2023
Another winner from Jason. We had a great time! Lots of trees and gardens and historic sites here. A very cool story line and puzzles. turn your phone upside down to read the question more easily. this part of Manhattan is hilly and my my couch potato legs got a workout. plenty of shade and benches and the views do not disappoint!

Linda Velwest

27 Aug 2023

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Catherine Cantieri
4240 XP
Sophie Peguero
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