Manly: Sydney's Playground

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As one of Sydney's top tourist destinations people have been flocking to Manly on the ferry since the 1800s to experience the sun, surf and laidback lifestyle, but have you ever stopped to ask how Manly became a tourist hotspot? 

Let the founding father of Manly take you on a tour that will give you a glimpse into the past as he reminisces about his experiences developing the area. This is the perfect walking tour for visitors and locals alike who want to know more about Manly's hidden history.
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  • We recommend not playing at night
  • Route open 24/7 but better during daylight hours
  • Family friendly
  • Varied terrain/elevation, may not be suitable for those with limited mobility

Places you will visit


It will take you

66-96 mins

You will walk

3810 steps

Total distance

2.9 km


  • Who founded Manly as a tourist destination

  • Visit some hidden gems that even some locals have missed!

  • Discover the hot potato club

  • See the Manly kangaroo

  • Learn about some of the many amusements Manly has had over the years


You have just stepped off of the ferry for a fun day out in Manly. 

You were thinking of going surfing or maybe snorkeling, when a mysterious friendly old man approaches you thinking that you are here for the walking tour. 

He seems to know an awful lot about the history of Manly and its historic sites.

Game route

Starting point Manly wharf
Manly Wharf, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
Finish point Steyne Court
7 S Steyne, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
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Daniel Ryken

14 Jan 2024
lots of fun! This was my first ever Questo. Having grown up in Manly my whole life, I had no idea about some of the history and their significance until now.

Kristen O'Keeffe

14 Jan 2024
This was an amazing experience, I have lived in manly my whole life and didn’t know some of the history I learnt today.

Rahul Pal

08 Jan 2024

Bethany Russell

06 Jan 2024
This was a really fun way to explore Manly, I had no idea of half the things we came across and I'm local! very clear instructions and engaging storyline great for everyone- visitors/ locals, young and old!!!


23 Jan 2024
Dungowan clue didn't work. it was grey. interesting history and great knowledge. thank you

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Kristen O'Keeffe
3700 XP
Daniel Ryken
3700 XP
Peter Wright
3643 XP