Lyon, France

Lyon Croix-Rousse (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Created by
Laura V
Play a city exploration game and make your way through traboules in one of Lyon’s most iconic neighborhoods, the Croix-Rousse. Solve clues to learn about the former Lyonnais silk workers, the Canuts, and travel even back in time to discover Roman ruins. 

Are you ready to explore Lyon?

*Note: Some traboules and courtyards may need to be accessed by pressing the security button on the digicode pad.
  • No booking needed. Just download the app, add it to your quests and start playing.


  • Experience life in Lyon in the past
  • Make your way through stunning passageways and courtyards
  • Meet a major feminine figure of Lyon, chef Eugénie Brazier, whose talent made Lyon the “French Capital of Gastronomy”

Starting point

Opéra National

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 12 challenges
  • Best during the day
  • Instagrammable
  • Best for couples
  • Recommended activity for families


After years of being asleep in a box, you awaken as Guignol the puppet.

Confused and lost in this unfamiliar world, you explore La Croix-Rousse in search for your puppeteer, Laurent Mourguet.

Years of slumber has littered your memory with gaps. Where are the Canuts of years gone by? Who’s Eugénie Brazier? Does anyone remember you?

All you are certain of is that you must find your old partner, Laurent.


(no ratings yet)
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Laura V.
3700 XP
Deb Briggs
3060 XP