Highlights of Evora: From Celtics to Romans

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Be the hero of a city game where you will navigate Évora, one of Portugal’s most charming cities.

You will learn about the city’s rich past and ancient, multicultural heritage. From Iberian Celtics to Romans to North African Moors, you will explore all of Évora’s famous landmarks that celebrate those who have passed here throughout the centuries.

Évora may seem quiet on the surface but within lie many secrets. Are you ready to uncover them?
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Places you will visit


It will take you

108-138 mins

You will walk

4600 steps

Total distance

3.5 km


  • Explore the ancient town centre of Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Discover the eye-catching Roman Temple

  • Uncover the mysteries of the largest Gothic cathedral in Portugal

  • Learn about the Chapel of Bones


The year is 1164. After a cycle of triumphs, Évora grows as a Moorish stronghold. Agriculture booms and the city thrives with the bustle of souks and commerce. The Sultan’s cousin Yusef an-Nasir rules the city.

You are Geraldo Sem Pavor, a Portuguese patriot and famous, wanted criminal. The King of Portugal D. Afonso Henriques has offered you a deal: fight for him in the south and win, and you get a full pardon.

Tensions abound, but you are determined to show the King what you’re made of.

Game route

Finish point Palácio de Dom Manuel
Rua 24 de Julho 1, 7000-650 Évora, Portugal
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Ralph Andrade C. Desriveaux

31 Oct 2023


31 Oct 2023

Sara Sousa Cristina

25 Oct 2023
podia estar em português.... eu sei inglês, mas tinha que estar sempre a traduzir e custa🤣


29 Sep 2023

Maxim Borbat

31 Aug 2023
nice! I enjoyed more than regular tour

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  • Discover new places

    As you walk and tour around the city, you will visit new cool places.

  • Solve puzzles, crack riddles

    You will test your wits and exploring abilities with fun challenges.

  • Learn fun history

    Each place comes with its own bit of history that you'll discover as you walk.

  • Role-play

    Put yourself in the shoes of a famous fictional character and play out their story.


4300 XP
Ralph Andrade C. Desriveaux
4210 XP
4210 XP