Netherlands Delft

Highlights of Delft: The Blue's Clues

(12 ratings)
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Dora Vrhoci
Play a city game where you will follow clues to discover the mesmerizing buildings of Delft, the historical city in the vicinity of Rotterdam and The Hague, famous for its blue pottery and connection to the reigning House of Orange-Nassau. 
Get immersed in the city’s rich cultural history, discover the stories of iconic Dutch figures, such as the painter Jan Vermeer and the scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, and stroll along the city’s historic canals and center. 
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Starting point

Starting Point: Oosterpoort.

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 11 challenges


You wake up in the middle of the street in sixteenth-century Delft. 

You look around with a heavy headache, not remembering what happened last night. 

You also notice tiny little fragments of blue porcelain scattered on the floor around you.

Then it occurs to you – the tulip vase that you were preparing for the Dutch Royal family; it’s gone! The pottery set that you were making is completely smashed into pieces! 

You know who did this; it must be the guild Pottery Pidgeons. 
But you're not letting them fool you. 

Now you’re on a quest to outsmart the Pottery Pidgeons and bring the vase back before the Royal family visits the city in the evening!


(12 ratings)

Stefan Hugtenburg

Aug 2021
A very nice tour through some highlights of Delft, with a good story and interesting puzzles along the way!

lieneke hus

May 2021
very nice

Davide Maletti

Mar 2021
Instructions not very precise


Feb 2021
It was a fun walk!