Genoa's Historical Centre

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Soul of Genoa Tours
Play a city game where you’ll follow clues to discover one of Europe’s most important ports, Genoa. You’ll see many buildings and landmarks, such as the Ducal palace or St. Lawrence Cathedral, which was of major political importance, along with some lesser-known hidden gems. You’ll also find out how the city became a maritime power in the Mediterranean Sea.

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  • Discover important historical buildings such as St George Palace, one of the first banks in Europe 
  • Learn about its glorious past as a commercial empire with many colonies in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Syria etc.
  • Find out why Genoa was called 'The Superb One'

Starting point

Piazza Dante

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 13 challenges
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  • Kid friendly
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Your name is Bella Sabini, a baker's apprentice, and though no one has ever told you how, you know sailing is in your blood. 

Last night you had a strange dream about a woman in a dark crimson gown. She was on a mysterious ship that docked in Genoa and made the guards bring you to her. 

On your way to the bakery, you spot her guards, who start running towards you. 

So it wasn’t all a dream. Throw away your plans for the day. Your new mission is to avoid capture and determine what's going on. 

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(24 ratings)


Sep 2021
some directions vague or not correct, but nice!

Foxy 🦊

Sep 2021
Carino, ma in alcuni punti le indicazioni sono poco chiare

Simone Redoglio

Sep 2021
Un'esperienza che ti porta attraverso bellissimi scorci di Genova, ottima guida per una passeggiata nella città. Le indicazioni sono spesso vaghe e a volte errate, andrebbero riviste ma sono l'unica pecca.

Ben Griffiths

Sep 2021
Great experience to discover Genova but some of the descriptions could be improved.


Sep 2021
sometimes it was difficult to follow the directions, but it was a lot of fun and very informative