Five nights at ... Union Mine

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Join a nightmarish adventure guarding a military laboratory. As guards, you are tasked with keeping everything safe - but soon discover that you are not alone. Strange and terrifying creatures emerge at night, forcing you to confront your deepest fears. With heart-pumping action and spine-tingling suspense, this story will keep you on the edge until the very end. Don't miss out on the pulse-pounding excitement of this gripping story! 
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Places you will visit


It will take you

113-143 mins

You will walk

2240 steps

Total distance

1.7 km


    You will visit the Slanic salt mine, the "salt palace" inside has a constant microclimate, a constant temperature throughout the year of 13º C, an air humidity of approx. 60% and saline aerosols with therapeutic effects on health.The conditions in the mine create the conditions for the purest air on the planet, which is almost completely free of radiation and pollution.


You had been on the hunt for a new job for weeks when your friend showed you an ad for a security guard position. You immediately applied, and a few days later, you received a call from the hiring manager, inviting you for an interview.
Important: The game takes place in the Union Salt Mine, make sure that you arrive here at least 2 hours before closing time, be advised that the temperature in the mine is 12°-13° Celsius (53°-54° Fahrenheit) and that the entry fee is about 9 euros. The entrance to the mine is by minibus (about 10 minutes drive) and you will be more than 200 meters underground (so the "Guide me" button will not work properly).

Game route

Starting point Salina Slănic Prahova (Mina Unirea)
Strada Salinei 1, Slănic 106200, România
Finish point Salt mine entrance / exit
Strada Vasile Alecsandri 40, Slănic 106200, România
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Cornel Dumitrescu

05 Jun 2023

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Cornel Dumitrescu
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Team Skitty
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