Estoril Highlights: The Spies' Nest

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Return to 1941 and discover the Estoril of charm and spies in this journey of light and shadows. A town where artists, eccentric characters, aristocracy as well as spies socialised on the beaches and had fun trying their luck at the Casino. 
Discover the places and people that inspired Ian Fleming, British Intelligence officer in Estoril, to create the famous James Bond character in his first novel Casino Royale. 
Dare to be a secret agent whose mission is to discover the identity of a furtive spy
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Places you will visit


It will take you

106-136 mins

You will walk

3290 steps

Total distance

2.5 km


  • Travel back in time to the period of the Second World War and become involved in the fascinating world of espionage

  • Discover the true identity of a dangerous spy and contribute to the success of the Allied forces

  • Visit the places and meet the people who inspired Ian Fleming to create the famous character James Bond in his first novel Casino Royale


It is the end of 1941 and you work for the Allied intelligence.

You know that there is a dangerous enemy spy undercover, giving secret information to the Germans about ships leaving Lisbon or passing offshore. In the middle of the Battle of the Atlantic, this information is crucial to the German submarines, which cause great losses to the Allied ships.

Discover the Estoril of charm and spies, in this journey of lights and shadows, collecting clues that will lead to the identity of the enemy.

Game route

Starting point Estoril Railway Station
Estoril Railway Station
Finish point Forte da Cruz (Fort of the Cross)
R. Olivença 13, 2765-262 Estoril, Portugal
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  • Discover new places

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  • Solve puzzles, crack riddles

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  • Role-play

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4000 XP
Ana Pereira Do Vale
4000 XP
4000 XP