Ayr: Burns Hame Toun!

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Scotland’s poet Robert Burns has returned to his ‘hame toun’ of Ayr to revisit some favourite landmarks from his lifetime and he needs your help to find them!

Make your way around Ayr town center with Burns, taking in sights, solving clues, and perhaps meeting some familiar characters who will help you and the poet in your quest.In Burns's own words ‘Auld Ayr wham ne’er a toun surpasses, For honest men and bonnie lassies’. 

Join Burns today and take a stroll around Burns Hame Toun! 

Art - Tony Black

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Places you will visit


It will take you

35-65 mins

You will walk

2370 steps

Total distance

1.8 km


  • Travel back in time to 18th century Ayr to rediscover Burns landmarks!

  • Discover some of the tributes to Burns in his hame toun of Ayr!

  • Ten challenges to solve - suitable for families, groups and friends!

  • Get your steps up while you learn and have fun!

Game route

Starting point Meet Robert Burns!
Burns Statue Square, Ayr KA7, UK
Finish point Auld Vandal!
River St, Ayr KA7 1QA, UK
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29 ratings

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16 Sep 2023
very interesting


28 Jul 2023


28 Jul 2023
Good tour, saw lots of Ayr . Thought it was a fun thing to do.


28 Jul 2023
That was a very informative hour walking round some Ayr landmarks. I wish there was more like this around.

Lesley Ramsay

23 Jul 2023
Brilliant little tour of Ayr (where I have stayed for many years) & justbdiscovered many mew favts

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