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United Kingdom


Discover Manchester

Experience the captivating blend of rich industrial heritage and modern urban charm in Manchester, one of the UK's most dynamic cities. With Questo, you can embark on an exciting walking adventure to explore this bustling metropolis, uncovering its storied past and vibrant present.

Delve into the city's history at the Museum of Science and Industry, marvel at the neo-Gothic splendor of the John Rylands Library, and soak in the atmosphere of the legendary Old Trafford football stadium. With the option to play anytime, affordable pricing, and the ability to pause and resume your game at your leisure, Questo offers a unique, self-guided exploration of Manchester's popular attractions and hidden gems.

Walking games with Questo provide a healthy and entertaining way to discover Manchester, making it an ideal activity for friends, families, team-building events, or school trips. Experience the fun of exploring the city at your own pace, solving puzzles, and unveiling the fascinating stories behind its landmarks. Questo's walking games encourage physical activity and foster teamwork, ensuring an engaging and memorable adventure in the heart of Manchester.