Discover Iasi

Welcome to Iasi, the cultural and historical capital of Moldova! Explore the beautiful city of Iasi by playing a game with Questo. Discover the secrets of the city's landmarks and hidden gems while enjoying a fun and interactive experience. Questo is perfect for people who want to explore the city at their own pace, without the hassle of a tour guide.

With Questo, you can pause and resume the game anytime, and the affordable pricing makes it a great activity for family and friends.

During your adventure, you will have the chance to visit some of Iasi's most popular attractions, such as the Palace of Culture, the Three Hierarchs Monastery, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. But that's not all! Questo will take you off the beaten path to explore the hidden corners of the city, such as the picturesque Copou Hill or the bohemian district of Tatarasi.

Playing games by walking is not only fun but also a healthy activity for people of all ages. So whether you're a local or a tourist, come and experience Iasi with Questo!