Discover Bran

Bran, known as the home of Dracula's Castle, is a must-see destination for those interested in the supernatural and the medieval history of Transylvania. The city is full of history and mystique, and a great way to explore it is through Questo's interactive walking tour game.

With the option to play anytime and at an affordable price, Questo allows visitors to explore the city on their own, without the need for a guide. The game is both educational and fun, making it a great activity to do with friends and family or as a teambuilding event for groups.

During the walking tour, players will have the opportunity to visit several popular attractions in Bran, such as Bran Castle, the medieval fortress of Rasnov, and the beautiful countryside of the Carpathian Mountains.

The game provides a unique and engaging way to explore these sites, allowing players to learn about the history and legends of the area while having fun. Playing games by walking is also a healthy and enjoyable activity, making it the perfect way to spend a day in Bran.