Top 8 Things to do During a Weekend in Oslo

Posted by Questo Team

Oslo is the capital of Norway and the third-largest city in the Scandinavian countries. It attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers and tourists every month, thanks to the plethora of tourist attractions, natural beauty, world-class infrastructure, lush green landscapes in the surroundings, and stunning mountains. 

In addition to the natural scenery, Oslo is home to striking modern architectural buildings, theme parks, museums, libraries, and much more. Today’s article will give you a list of the top eight things to do during a weekend in Oslo. Read on!

#8 Relish the Picturesque Bygdoy

Bygdoy is a lush green peninsula on Oslo’s western side, offering tourists numerous opportunities to make the most out of their tip. For instance, Bygdoy is home to Oslo’s most famous museums and recreational areas. 

Many people visit the Bygdoy peninsula on weekends to relax on the beach, have a delectable lunch or dinner at waterfront restaurants, and participate in outdoor sports, such as playing volleyball on the beach. 

Bygdoy is also a famous place for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy strolling on coastal trails, cycling on picturesque paths, and playing watersports. We recommend visiting the peninsula during summers because the weather is good, the environment is serene and quiet, allowing you to unwind and relax during a weekend in Oslo.

#7 Create Memories at Oslo Opera House

Your trip to Oslo is incomplete without visiting the Oslo Opera House, a unique attraction that hosts numerous performances throughout the year. The opera house is the largest music and performing arts institution in Norway. 

You will love viewing the building’s mesmerizing architecture and enjoy the stunning city views. The opera house’s main structure comprises three primary materials, stone, metal, and wood. 

The combination of these three materials gives the opera house a unique look, attracting people from different countries. Anyway, it is crucial to research and mark dates on calendars to relish the music, dance, opera, and ballet performances.

#6 Visit the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful attractions in Oslo. It is the official residence of the Norwegian monarch. The Royal Palace is in Central Oslo, surrounded by the lush green Palace Park. The Palace Square is a beautiful monument located in front of the main building. 

Visiting the Royal Place with your family or friends is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Royal family’s lifestyle, explore the building’s architecture, stroll through the lovely rooms, and know the history of monarchs in Norway. The Royal Palace is open to locals and tourists from June to August and is one of the must-see's attractions for a weekend in Oslo.

#5 Relax at University Botanical Garden 

Hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists visit the University Botanical Gardens every month. The garden conveys knowledge about the plant kingdom’s diversity and encourages people to learn the significance of conserving plants. 

When you visit the University Botanical Garden, you will discover endangered plant species and soothe your soul walking through the lush green spaces. It is a perfect place that offers a mental escape from the city’s bustling life and environment. If you are an eco-enthusiast, visiting the University Botanical Garden is worth it.

#4 Enjoy at Tusenfryd Amusement Park 

Tusenfryd is one of the largest amusement parks in Norway. It is located twenty kilometers on the southern side of Norway’s Capital and is open to the public between April and October. 

The primary reason tourists visit this park is over 30 rides and dozens of attractions. Although there are six roller coasters in Tusenfryd Park, the best ones are Loopen and Super Splash, allowing adventure enthusiasts to enjoy the adrenaline-fueled rides. 

In addition, you can participate in old-fashioned games. Children can enjoy rides in bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, teacups, and motion-based 3D rides. Moreover, Tusenfryd amusement park is home to four slides and a pool, allowing tourists to have fun in the clean and relaxing water.

#3 Explore the Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is an attractive place to explore the five original ships from Skuldelev and learn about the history of voyages. Visiting the museum on your weekend in Oslo allows tourists to know how the Vikings played a substantial role in changing the world with their ships. 

It is a historical museum with hundreds of ancient and cultural collections, including the oldest skull, Egyptian mummies, Viking treasures, ethnographic exhibitions. Spending a day in the Viking Ship Museum will create memories.

#2 Visit Frogner and Vigeland Parks 

Frogner is a beautiful urban Park in Oslo and home to the world-renowned Vigeland. You can’t miss this attraction because the lush green spaces, beautiful fountains, and mesmerizing sculptures designed by Gustav Vigeland create unique experiences. 

Vigeland, also known as the Sculpture Park, is also home to the Nobels Gate, where Gustav Vigeland’s ashes are scattered in the bell tower. You can also visit the Vigeland Museum to view various artifacts, paintings, and artwork.

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#1 Experience The Holmenkollen Ski Museum

The Holmenkollen Ski Museum is a unique tourist attraction in Oslo located underneath the world-famous ski jump. It is one of the oldest museums in the world, showcasing over 2,500 pairs of skis. 

Some of them belonged to the members of the Royal Family and famous skiers. The museum tells the story of skiing in Norway by taking you through 4,000 years of history. The museum also has hundreds of artifacts from the polar heroes Amundsen, Nansen, and other expeditions of Norwegian polar heroes. 

You will love the exhibition on modern skiing and snowboarding hosted by the museum’s administration. Children can enjoy Blue Hill, a room with several slides, exciting nooks, crannies, and playhouses. We recommend taking the elevator up the iconic ski jump tower to relish the stunning views of the city. 

Final Words 

Oslo is famous for many places and things, including Nautical and Viking history, museums, parks, and seafood. If you want to make the most out of your weekend in Oslo, make sure you use Questo, an app that keeps you engaged innovatively and lets you discover unique places. During your time here make sure you explore Oslo's Old Town City. Until Next Time!