7 Things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC

Posted by Questo Team

Valentine’s Day is among the most celebrated holidays of the year, and in the city that never sleeps, it holds a different vibe. As Valentine Day comes near, people brainstorm ideas to surprise their significant other. While Valentine’s day happens to be one celebrated day of expression of love, it also is the day when many marriage proposals happen, or people renew their vows to the love of their life.

If you are celebrating this Valentine’s day with your significant other, but you are out of ideas or cannot decide what you should do, then we are here to save you. If you are from New York City, then this article is for you. Below we have gathered a list of ideas to help you decide what ideas to implement or where to go.

Take a thorough look at the list, and then evaluate what your partner likes and what they may love out of this list before making your decision on this year’s Valentine’s surprise.

What you can do in NYC on V-Day

New York City has a different vibe. The city that never sleeps is always lit up and bustling, and when it’s the season of love, the city is decorated in hearts and love. With New York holding a vast population and being a big region, there are many things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC; you just need to know what and where it is. If this Valentine’s you are planning on surprising the love of your life, then read the fun ideas we have gathered for you and make your Valentine’s a memorable one for sure.

1. Skyline Cruise

Who doesn’t like cruising while peacefully watching the city’s skyline, right? If your love of life enjoys going out in the waters and watching a breathtaking sunset and skyline while on a boat, then this one is definitely your go-to option. Moreover, cruises in NYC will offer you some scrumptious snacks on your trip, making this one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC. So devour some sandwiches and dig in those chocolate-covered strawberries with a glass of wine as you watch over the skyline.

2. Candle Light Dinners

A candlelight dinner has always been at the top of the list in the book of surprises and romance. So, take your significant other to a very posh place or the restaurant you two love. Get a reservation and have a peaceful yet romantic candlelight dinner in the bustling city of New York.

Moreover, you can always have a candlelight dinner at home. Everyone loves a partner who can cook, so move that spatula around and make something delicious to savor over a candlelight dinner.

3. Ice-Skating Rinks

One of the top things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC is ice-skating! There are only a few months of the year when the ice skating rinks are open in NYC. Luckily Valentine’s day falls in one of these months. So if you think romantic dinners and cruising are mainstream and you want a fun activity, take your partner to an ice skating rink for a change. Not only will you two have the time of your lives, but you will also make some amazing memories while falling on your butts.

However, there are dozens of ice skating rinks during winter in NYC, so make sure you check out the best ones like those in Rockefeller Center and Central Park.

4. Museum of the City of NY

If your partner loves to dive into history or is someone who likes strolling around the corridors of a museum learning about different things from the past, then the Museum for the city of New York is your dating spot. A museum isn’t everyone’s favorite place, and some find it boring, but others definitely enjoy it.

So if your partner is among the second list, take them over to this Museum and watch them fall not only in love with the historic artifacts and the history of New York but in love with you too. 

5. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

Situated right in midtown Manhattan, this rooftop bar in NYC showcases one of the most breathtaking views of New York’s skyline at night. This experience is one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC, as it is both unique and romantic! So if you are willing to have romantic and breathtaking Valentine’s Day, then opt for this rooftop. Just in case you love events, maybe here's something that you and your partner will enjoy, check it out here

Don’t worry about the cold, though; the bar will provide you with the most comfortable blankets and the best heaters to keep you warm. Moreover, you can always book one of their famous heated igloos to sit in and enjoy your drink with a view.

6. Helicopter ride in New York Sky

A helicopter ride isn’t something you do every day, right? So if you can, make sure to book a helicopter ride for you and your partner and hover through New York’s Sky.

A helicopter ride in one of the most bustling and greatest cities in the world is indeed going to be a memorable experience. Make sure to consider this for your ideas for things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC this year. You can always pop the question up in the sky if you want to.

7. Walk-in the Central Park

While strolling in the central park can be done all year round, don’t forget to do it on Valentine’s day. If the two of you just want to spend a peaceful valentine’s together, then Central Park is a great option to have some peace, a walk, and some heart to heart. A classical thing to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC, or really, any other day of the year, but Central Park never disappoints!

If a sheath of picture-perfect snow surrounds the park, then don’t forget to take a few pictures to store as memories. 


New Yorkers celebrate all occasions with utmost joy throughout the year, and it is evident in the vibe that the city possesses. Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to participate in all its traditions with utmost zeal.

Valentine’s Day is just not a holiday, but it is the time for people to go the extra mile and express to the love of their lives how much they mean to them. If you were confused about what surprise to throw or what to do on valentine’s day, then we hope that your confusion went away through this article as we proposed quite a few things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC this year.

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