Things to do in Constanta while at the Neversea festival

Posted on Jun 23, 2018 by Questo Team

Music fans around Europe are invited to the second edition of the already famous Neversea festival, the sister event of Untold, another musical phenomenon.

This year, if you visit Constanta, Neversea promises to travel to uncharted territories of entertainment, with even more artists, memorable shows and other exciting things to do on the welcoming beach of Constanta.

Those who have attended last year already know that the land of Neversea offers everything you need for a few days of freedom on this enchanted island. Starting from all the musical experiences you can enjoy, to surprising drink mixes or taste-bending dishes, a day spent here covers most of your needs.

But the full Neversea experience also includes the wonderful city of Constanta, surrounding the Neversea realms with its iconic touristic attractions and city escape activities.

We asked our local contributors in Constanta which are the top 5 things to do when visiting for the first time, and this is what they recommend.


Bacaro Port

My personal favorite restaurant has to be Bacaro Port, located in the Tomis Harbor. It offers a large range of dishes, from sea food to pasta. The restaurant is perfect for design enthusiasts – tasteful interior setting and wonderful plating. Also, the view at sunset is quite something. You can find the restaurant here. – Alexandra

La Scoica

La Scoica is the place you are looking for if you’re with your friends and you’re starving. They are known for their special XXL Pizza (only two X’s don’t do it justice) and the low prices. Of course, their menu has a variety of italian and romanian dishes, from chicken dishes to sea food and desserts. You can find them all here.

– Recommended by Alexandra


Arabica the Coffee Shop

One of the places I usually choose when looking for a strong coffee is Arabica the Coffee Shop. Located in the old city and close to the Tomis Harbor, it serves all types of coffee – Turkish, Italian, French, but specializes in strong flavors. Also, they serve tea and hot chocolate, Romanian craft beers and cocktails.

Haute Cup

Quite close to the first one you can also find Haute Cup. This place leans towards the “industrial” style. It also serves a decent selection of coffee, hot or cold. They also serve snacks, such as muffins, banana bread or sandwiches, before lunch. In the evening, it switches to a bar with wine and cocktails. They are right here.

– Recommended by Costin



Tomis Mall is just a 15 minutes walk away from Neversea Beach. If you forgot your sunglasses at home, or you just need to get something fast to eat, this is the place. It also has a cinema, for those who would rather stay in and watch a movie. Just in case you have some spare time to go shopping, they are open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 and this is where you can find them.


You can find the aquarium right in front of the Constanta Casino. It’s open daily from 9:00 to 20:00, and the admission ticket for students is just 5 lei (1 euro), while for adults is 20 lei (4 euro).

acvariu constanta

– Recommended by Silvia

Sightseeing with a free walking tour

At night, you marvel at the works of gods such as van Buuren, The Script or Steve Aoki. But your days could be filled with sightseeing – Constanta priding itself with impressive views along its shores and inside the old city.

You can visit the Constanta Mosque, on top of which you will discover spectacular panoramic views of the entire city (a very popular place for Instagrammers).

Or you can explore an even more instagrammable setting, that of Casino Constanta, an iconic place built in the art nouveau style. Once home to elite social classes, now it’s just an antique landmark visited by thousands of tourists every month.

Casino Constanta

These and many more top attractions (hand-picked and voted by locals) have been brought together in a free self-guided walking tour available without a guide (directly on your smartphone), through the Questo app. The tour follows the story of Neversea and takes you into an alternate reality, full of fantasy stories and characters, delivered on top of the main touristic attractions of Constanta, while walking in the city.

Whatever you choose to spend your days doing during the Neversea experience, remember to enjoy an epic sunrise on the beach together with your friends, it’s one of the most memorable moments Constanta has to offer.