The Best 2021 Thanksgiving Activity in New Orleans, USA

Posted on Nov 15, 2021 by Questo Team

This year is special!

2021 marks the completion of four centuries since Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving event to thank the successful harvesting at Plymouth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Make sure to book a spot for the coolest Thanksgiving activity in New Orleans! 

 History sneak peek

Just two years later, Pilgrims again celebrated it following fourteen days of blessed rain. Thanksgiving is to thank God for the countless blessings. Throughout centuries, people have celebrated it in their own ways.

In 1777, George Washington— the then president of the United States— proclaimed Thanksgiving to celebrate victory in the American Revolutionary War. Later on, Abraham Lincoln declared this day as a National Holiday in the United States of America.

As this year is special, so celebrations must also match the caliber of specialty. That’s why we have planned something that you’ll never have imagined! Don’t take our words for it; stay with us for a moment to discover it by yourself.

Let’s unveil it to introduce you to the most exciting Thanksgiving event of your life, filled with tons of fun Thanksgiving activities and games.

About the importance of doing Family Activities on Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving activity seems colorless without family and friends. Family traditions foster relations and create healthy bonds among the members. Thanksgiving is a happy day devoted to food, fun, and countless memories. Even if your family doesn’t have any such traditions, there's no need to worry! You can substitute these ideas with some healthy games and then turn those games into traditions.

This is the biggest perk of this event that we have crafted. These irresistible Thanksgiving family games create some unforgettable memories for you.

Seems crazy, right?

In addition to this, you can take your children or grandparents or any member of your family with you, as this event is suitable for any age group. The thing which makes it more fun-provoking is that all little buddies younger than 12 years are invited to become part of this amazing journey free of charge. 

The Storyline of the Event

The world’s most favored and trendy Outdoor Escape Games have now reached New Orleans, USA. You will be a tourist in New Orleans exploring the city and playing crazy games while solving the puzzles.

Exploration tours, escape rooms, and treasure hunts combined with other unique Thanksgiving games and activities will be jubilation for people of all ages. The winner will grab exciting prizes while enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend as never before.

What Thanksgiving Activity in the New Orleans holds for You

We have designed this 2021 Thanksgiving event in New Orleans in a fun and exhilarating way. If you are curious about fun things to do on Thanksgiving, but none of the ideas are hitting the right spots, then we have something for you!

Activities aligned with the Thanksgiving scavenger hunt will give you such a mind-blowing charge of energy that will last for years in your precious memories.

Through our interactive activity, an award-winning mobile app will guide you where you will explore your city in an utterly unique but remarkable way.

You will:

Unleash New Places

While walking through the city, you’ll discover the hidden beauties of your town.

Solve Puzzles, Easing Riddles

Fun challenges will test your thoughts and refresh your mind with badass puzzles.

Learn History with Storytelling 

You’ll learn the phenomenal history of multiple places in New Orleans in a convivial way.

Decode Cryptic Codes

Decoding Cryptic Codes will unleash the inner detective hidden inside you.

How the Thanksgiving 2021 New Orleans Event Will Proceed

The event revolves around a Thanksgiving game that is as simple as ABC. Just simple four steps and you are all in:

Step 1: Book your spot here before the timer goes off.

Step 2: Download and Install the award-winning mobile application.

Step 3: Be at the starting location.

Step 4: Make sure to follow all the instructions given in the mobile application to enjoy and win the prizes.

Details of the Event

The game will last for one and a half hours. You can play any time of the day between the 25th to 28th of November. So, don’t forget to book your appointment as a few days are left before the start of this sensational event.

You can reach the starting spot at your desired time with your friends or family members to start the thrilling outdoor escape game. The starting point won’t be the same as the ending point. You can find the endpoint using within the mobile application.

What you are going to win

The best thing about this 2021 Thanksgiving event in New Orleans is that you are going to win awe-inspiring rewards along with irresistible fun activities. Though fun and memories are the real prizes of this event, we have something physical for you that will blow your mind:

  • The winner will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Disneyworld Orlando on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee.
  • In addition to this, a $50 Amazon Gift card can also fall into your bucket.

So, invest your best energies to create memories and win prizes.

The Final Call

Countless fun, priceless memories, and epic prizes are just a single click away from you. Four centuries since the inception of Thanksgiving have ended; if you miss it, 100 years more will be needed to celebrate the 5th century anniversary of the Thanksgiving activity. It means it’s a now or never situation!

On this profound occasion, we’ve kept the booking fee exceptionally low because we want everyone to enjoy this special edition of the Thanksgiving activity.

Don’t wait anymore before these limited booking slots get occupied!

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