Questo Replay 2019: We guided over 50,000 people and 90% of them ask for more

Posted on Jan 17, 2020 by Questo Team

2019 was amazing to us and we are truly grateful to all the players, partners, investors and all of you who spread the word about Questo.

We gathered the most notable, satisfying and wackiest things that happened during the year. Enjoy the insights, our thoughts for this year and our little gift to you.


In 2019, more than 50,000 people finished a quest in 40 cities from Europe and 90% of them wanted to play another one at the end.

Players read more than 400k stories, solved the same number of clues, and walked close to 200 km, enough to go around the Earth 5 times.


We entertained people coming from more than 100 different countries.



The tastes of our players are extremely diverse. They played quests based on art, history, contemporary conflicts, love affairs, ghosts, politics, witchery and many, many more.



The most committed Questo player is Alexandra, who played 24 quests last year. In fact, she discovered Questo in June and, until the end of the year, she managed to play 24 quests in 9 different cities. Naturally, she’s the top player in the overall leaderboard.

We’ll be working hard to create more quests for you, Alexandra!



Haunted Bucharest III, the latest edition brought back by popular demand, was the most played quest by locals in 2019.


Questo Haunted Europe 2019

Questo Haunted Europe 2019 was amazing because our players are amazing:🌍 5 Countries🌃 14 events in 14 cities👣 +30 000 km walked following clues🕵️‍♀️ + 100 000 puzzles solved😍 +1 000 5-star reviews🚀 #1 Travel App on GoogleThis was posibile only with the support from our talented local creators. Big round of applause 👏All the quests are still available in the app and you can discover the haunted cities with your friends whenever you wish.

Posted by Questo on Tuesday, November 5, 2019



Most of our quests can be played 24h per day. That is why we had people who started at 3 AM and finished just before sunrise.



The average solving time for a quest is about 90 minutes. The fastest was 39, which happened during a competition organized for BlueAir. The airline wanted to offer gifts to people who wished to learn more about the history of aviation through Questo.


Treasure Hunt pentru viitoare călătorii!

Cam așa a arătat ziua de 5 octombrie când, alături de Questo, am dat startul unui Treasure Hunt prin Iași, iar la final am premiat și pe câțiva dintre participanți! Iată câteva clipe intense și pline de distracție și noi descoperiri. 🙂 👇👇#BlueAir #Questo #FlyBlueAur #TreasureHunt

Posted by Blue Air on Thursday, October 24, 2019



Also, last year we had another type of record. A group of players who managed to finish the Haunted Rome quest in 3 days. Because you can start and pause the quest whenever you want, they chose to solve an average of 3 clues per day.



Thanks for being the awesome questers that you are!



We couldn’t have accomplished any of these without the tremendous help from our crazy talented creators around the world. Huge shout-out to the entire growing network of more than 100 writers and creatives. The average yearly revenue they received passively from their quests is 1000 Euro.



A player came to us wanting to create a personalized quest used to propose to his girlfriend.


One of the quests had one of the most difficult clues to solve, it was found inside a playground slide.


Dracula’s Castle, with the mission to escape it.




We have won the trust of many partners over the last year, for which we are greatly thankful. The online travel industry is just at the beginning (with over 80% of the experiences still bought offline) and we’re happy to be amongst the, dare we say, pioneers.


We are thrilled to transform every place into a game, so we are working hard with local creators to develop more quests on 4 continents.

The app design and game mechanics will be greatly improved. Expect even more awesome things in the first half of the year.

We start working with partners that can offer even more and diverse Questo experiences all over the world.

Gift for your friends

To start the year right, we’re offering a gift for your friends. We invite you to send a free quest to a friend of yours.

Just let us know which quest in the form below. Of course, if you want you to leave us feedback or a message, you can also do that.

We can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us.
Meanwhile, remember to always play your city a visit.