Questo to help 100 travel businesses create self-guided tours for free

Posted on Oct 22, 2020 by Questo Team

We are glad to announce that we have launched a pandemic initiative to offer access to our platform for phone-guided gamified tours without costs to 100 travel businesses affected by COVID: tour operators, destinations, attractions, airlines, museums, etc. Travel companies are invited to apply on our dedicated website

Using the Questo platform, travel businesses can build their own self-guided tours creating some of the safest and most interactive travel experiences in just 4 weeks, with zero upfront or maintenance costs. The resulting phone-guided tours will be available on the Questo mobile app. The deadline for applications is November 1st, 2020.

The aim of our initiative is to offer travel companies affected by COVID a way to recover quicker and earn extra revenue even during the pandemic. With phone-guided tours to supplement their existing offers, they will be able to attract tourists interested in safe ways of exploring a city.

“With Questo, we help everyone explore cities,  locals, or travelers. Our tours are self-guided, and therefore safe to explore even in COVID times. In 2020, we managed not to just survive the pandemic, but to grow faster than expected, as more explorers and partners got interested in self-guided tours. This gave us our best results in both sales and new tours created. Now, we aim to help even more travel partners to adapt to the current status quo and build for the future of city exploration, one where we believe self-guided experiences will have an important place,” said Alex Govoreanu, CEO & Co-founder Questo. 

Using the app, tourists are taken on city adventures where they solve clues based on their immediate surroundings, discover attractions, and read local stories. At any hour of the day or night, tourists go at a designated starting point specific to each digital tour, follow on-screen instructions to get from one attraction to another, and insert answers to the questions and challenges received at each location.

As of today, we are working with companies such as JTB from Japan, Arabian Adventures from the United Arab Emirates, Street Art Museum Tours from Washington, Ghost Lantern Tours from Australia, and Discovery Pisa from Italy to create self-guided tours.

Our phone-guided tour platform offers over 150 tours in 80 cities. These are created by a growing network of local creators (both independent and business).