June Product News

Posted by Questo Team


Did you know that you can now check our creators' profile page on the website?
Maybe you've already played a game and want to try out another one from the same creator or you want to get some inspo before creating your own game - we've got you covered!
Just go to the website's game page, click on the creator's profile icon and you'll see their details.

And since you’ll be browsing through our games, make sure to check out the new cool picture gallery - you'll even spot some of the attractions featured in our games.

For those who are wondering what it takes to become a creator, we've updated our Creators' Room landing page to better explain the process (there are only 4 steps needed to launch your game and even earn passive income 😎).

Creators Room - Beta

We did a couple of bug fixes on our beta platform for game creation based on the direct input from you - our amazing creators! Each feedback that you sent to creators@questoapp.com helps us improve the platform and smooth your experience!

We also improved the game creation process by adding an app preview for each challenge location and story. This way, you'll be able to exactly what the players will see, before launching the game!

What's next

After many months of hard work, we are finally close to launching a major update for our app 🎉. 
We've redesigned the whole experience and even more, so make sure to keep an eye on our website for more news!
Meanwhile, if you want to help us and test one of our 300+ games in the new app, send an email to explore@questoapp.com and you'll get private access to it!