The Most Exciting Way to Visit Vienna: Play a City Game During a Vienna Walking Tour

Posted on Jul 30, 2020 by Andra Radu

Adventure awaits in the wonderful capital of Austria! Why? Because there’s a new way to explore Vienna through the eyes of Freud, Mozart, and Beethoven.

Follow the stories of these three iconic celebrities in the history of Vienna to unveil their secrets and visit places where they used to live, work, and have fun. All by following clues and solving challenges using the Questo mobile app as you go on this thrilling Vienna walking tour and city game.

This Vienna city game sends you on a special mission.

You play the role of a rising music star in the city. Your role as a lead singer at the Opera is threatened by another singer. Suddenly, you get a death threat. Are you brave enough to fight for your position? 

Say yes and grab a sneak peek at the places you will discover while during this Vienna walking tour:

St. Stephen’s Cathedral – the starting point of this Vienna walking tour

The very beginning of this tour of Vienna is at the top tourist attraction in Vienna: the Stephansdom as the Austrians call it. Impressive by its architecture and history, the cathedral is famous for its burials and weddings. Mozart got married here and found his afterlife peace in the same place. Mozart is willing to tell you his whole story if you find the answer to the challenge you can only solve when you arrive at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Can you do it?

Vienna State Opera

Follow the steps of the greatest musicians of Vienna as guided by the Questo app and you’ll end up here, at the Vienna State Opera. Both Mozart and Beethoven used to play here. The vibe of their amazing music still lingers if you get close enough to the opera walls. Close your eyes and you might even feel it. The Vienna State Opera is famous for the masterpieces it plays and for the prizes the artists who played here obtained. The challenge here is to look around the building and find a rose that will offer you the answer. With the answer, you will unlock an amazing story about the Vienna Opera.

The Sigmund Freud Museum

If you solve the challenges in the first part of the Vienna city game, you will soon find yourself at Sigmund Freud Musem.

Although some of Freud’s methods are not considered ethical today, he was a major influence on the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis. Visiting this museum should give you a better insight into his work and experiences. The challenge here is to find a hidden plaque with a special message. Can you find it and decypher the code?

There are just some of the Vienna attractions you will visit on this game and walking tour of Vienna. On the route, you will uncover more popular attractions as well as some hidden gems unknown even to locals.

At this point, it would be unfair to reveal more. The element of surprise will make this Vienna city game even more exciting.

To book this exciting Vienna city game, follow this link. If you want to discover more Questo city games in Vienna, you can find them here.

Don’t forget to fully charge your phone before you start your adventure. For a better experience, we recommend doing it during the day so you can easily find the hidden message and objects needed to progress during the game. Take your time, visit the museums if you feel like it, grab a coffee in the nice coffee shops in the city center and enjoy Vienna’s amazing vibe. You will love it!