FEVER and Questo launch Halloween campaign for ghost hunting in 19 cities

Posted on Oct 29, 2021 by Jake Bergquist

FEVER, a platform which inspires users to enjoy the best local experiences while empowering event organisers to create new original content, has partnered with Questo for Halloween promoting events in 19 cities across Europe on Saturday, October 30th. The Ghost Walks will see thousands of families, friends and students walk the streets in search of haunted locations and their frightening stories while solving challenges and cryptic codes as they go.

When night time hits in 19 cities across 8 countries, ghost hunters will be able to open the Questo app and start their event. As an open-air, COVID-safe event, they'll walk through the streets of their city lead by the haunted storyline, at key locations they'll solve unique puzzles, dark riddle and testing challenges which will unlock the dark, true local histories and amazing legends about these places - never thinking of their city in the same way again.

Charley Zaragoza, Executive Editor France at Fever: "Our customers are the doers in the city, looking for the next great event on offer and these exploration games imagined by Questo are the perfect way for everyone to rediscover their city. And with these Ghost Walks, they’ll get to enjoy the spookiest Halloween ever!"

Alex Govoreanu, CEO of Questo "We built these Ghost Walks with local creators to tell people another side of their city's story - a more entertaining side. Working with FEVER is perfect for this as they're like the Bible for how to discover a different side to your city. The opportunity goes beyond Halloween for this partnership, we will work on more fun and interesting events later in the calendar year too so watch this space"

Questo and FEVER are promoting Night Walks for Halloween in these cities:

  • USA: Los Angeles, New York City, New Orlean, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Austin
  • UK: Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, London, and Glasgow
  • Spain: Barcelona and Madrid
  • Italy: Rome
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Germany: Munich
  • France: Paris and Lyon
  • Australia: Melbourne

About: Questo is an urban entertainment platform for city games created by talented local storytellers. Players solve challenges by looking for details in their surroundings to discover new places and very fun bits of history. Questo helps people play and explore while travelling, or in their own city, with over 300 games in more than 130 cities worldwide.

Written by:

Jake Bergquist
Director of Partnerships