8 Valentine’s Day Ideas in London

Posted by Questo Team

Though you express your love for your significant other on all days throughout the year, on Valentine's Day, you go the extra mile, making sure that your partner feels special. Your gifts and ideas can be small or big, but what matters is the thought you put behind them. 

While Paris is called the 'City of Love', and many people tend to fly there with their partners, London is no less.

London holds a vibe that rarely can be compared, and the city has offers some great places where ideas can be executed to make your Valentine's a memorable one. So if you are from London and are confused about what to do for your partner on Valentine's day, then this article is you.

We have gathered some great ideas that you can use and implement to make this coming Valentine's Day special for your significant other.

Some Great Valentine's Day Ideas in London

If you are confused about the plans and ideas you can execute on Valentine's Day in London, then throw your worries away. London is a beautiful city where some great ideas can be executed. So sit still, and read below about some great Valentine's Day ideas in London which we are sure both you and your partner will love.

From dinner dates to theme parks and a glass of champagne with a view, London offers a variety of things. However, you can always bring about a few changes on the list of ideas and insert some of your own.

1. Romantic Dinner

A dinner date has always been among the top lines of a romantic gesture. There is nothing greater than a candlelight dinner, which you and your partner can enjoy together. Dinner dates can be executed in two forms.

It can be either at a really nice restaurant that the two of you have been meaning to try or simply your OG go-to restaurant. While some couples enjoy dressing up and going out, there are others who like a more peaceful atmosphere at home. In such, cases cooking for your partner and watching a nice movie together will woo them away. If you can't cook, take-out will work just fine.

2. Paint the night away

London is the city of music and art, so what better way to spend Valentine's Day than doing one of these things. There are a variety of places which offer painting sessions. If not, you can always pick up a few canvases, paints, and brushes from the nearby store and make some great portraits at home.

You will not only make art with your partner this way but a whole bunch of memories too. We consider this to be an uniques Valentine’s Day Idea in London.

3. A night under the stars

When we say a night under the stars, we for sure aren't asking you to go to the park, lie down on the grass and keep staring at the sky on dark nights. However, what we mean to say is check out Royal Observatory Greenwich. Check out their site to plan your trip to the Observatory

This place is an amazing date night idea for couples who are interested in the stars or Astronomy. This planetarium not only offers some serious stargazing but lets you peep through a Victorian Telescope directly into the space or stand literally on the Meridian Line.

4. Evening on a Boat

London offers some great boating services, and during Valentine's season, it is a massive hit. So, take an evening boat ride with your significant other and have a great time at sea. Moreover, some boating services offer a hi-tea menu, so you can always devour the delicious sandwiches, scones, tea, and coffee while it is cold.

5. Adventurous Trips

If you and your partner are two adventurous people, then an adventurous date on Valentine's Day is what is calling you. London offers a variety of places which you can head over to, and have the time of your life.

Hold on tight to your partner while having a speedboat ride, enjoy a cable cart ride at the Emirates Airline Cables, or a paragliding or sky diving activity will all be the highlight of your Valentine.

6. Theme Parks

If you two aren't a fan of extreme adventures like those mentioned above, however, still like to have a bit of thrill in life, theme parks are your next approach.

An adventure land or theme park is everyone's favourite. Whether it is kids or young adults. This Valentine’s Day Idea in London will be a complete blast that everyone will remember over the years. So, head over to a theme park with your partner and enjoy some amazing rides, and top it all off with some cotton candy and hotdogs too.

7. A Shopping Trip

Well, nothing makes people happier than shopping, okay? If you are planning this for your girlfriend, it will be a huge hit, and if your boy loves dressing up, it can be a good idea too.

So surprise them to a shopping trip if you have the budget and let them shop all they want that day. Not only will they be happy, and you will give them an amazing Valentine's gift, but they will realize how much you love them too.

8. Comedy Show

London offers some of the best in-house comedy sessions. So why not check some out with your partner. Laughing your heart out on Valentine's Day with the one you love is indeed a memorable time. So go to a good comedy show and then grab dinner later. Perfect beginning and end, trust us.


We hope our list of Valentine’s Day Ideas in London gave you a certain hint on how to impress your loved one. Valentine's Day is for sure a special occasion for many couples out there and most want to execute the best ideas each year to make their significant other happy. If you were confused about what to do this coming Valentine's for the person you love or are dating, then we hope this article helped you get rid of your confusion.

These were some of our top Valentine Date ideas in London; however, feel free to be creative and bring about some changes to your date.

Questo Tip: If you still have no idea what to do for Valentine’s here’s our best idea. How about a romantic walk while playing an outdoor escape game in London? Our quests are perfect for this occasion, bringing you closer to each other while having fun on your date.