The Wizard of Oz in Glasgow Official Contest Rules

SUMMARY There are 2 types of prizes awarded during the two events happening on the 12 and 18th of March 2023 where participants will play the Wizard of Oz in Glasgow Questo game.

  1. Tickets to future Questo events admitting 12 people (3 total tickets)
  2. Tickets to future Questo events admitting 6 people (2 total tickets)


The 12 people tickets will be awarded for these categories:

  • Best Adult Costume
  • Best Kid Costume
  • Best Team Picture

In order to participate in these categories, you need to send Questo a picture of you in costume (or of your children/team, depending on the prize).

Submit your entries to this email address ( using the subject line “The Wizard of Oz contest” and mentioning the category you’re participating in.

The 6 people tickets will be awarded for these categories:

  • Funniest Wrong Answer
  • Most Creative Username

In order to participate in these categories, you only need to finish playing the game and register at least one wrong answer (the username is already chosen by you before you start the game).


The winners are selected by a jury consisting of Questo team members. And the names of the winners will be announced no later than 14 days after the events end.

If you want to learn more, please read the detailed official rules below.


Official Rules of the Contest The Wizard of Oz in Glasgow (the “Official Rules”) Organizer: Questo Global S.R.L. The contest period: 12 March 2023 – 18 March 2023 (the “Contest”) Publication date: [11.03.2023] SECTION 1 THE ORGANIZER AND THE OFFICIAL RULES OF THE CONTEST

1.1. The Contest consists of quest (game) available in a mobile application that the Contest participants need to access and play in order to receive a chance at one or several of the prizes described in these Official Rules.

1.2. The organizer of the Contest is Questo Global S.R.L., a Romanian legal entity registered and functioning under the Romanian laws, having its headquarters in Cisnădie, Sibiu County, postal code: 555300, Romania, registered with the Romanian Trade Registry under Number J32/96/2017 and having the Sole Registration Number 36999501, E-mail: (the “Organizer”).

1.3. The Official Rules are available free of charge to any Contest participant on the Organizer's website (the „Website”), owned and operated by the Organizer (the “Application”).

1.4. By applying to take part in this Contest, any and all Application users undertake that they take notice and confirm that they comply with the provisions of this Official Rules.

1.5. The Organizer can modify these Official Rules and such amendments will enter into force only after a prior notice in this respect is published on the Website and in the Application. No reimbursements to tickets fees paid after the publication date of Official Rules shall be possible. In any case, no changes to the Official Rules will take place after the Contest starts.

1.6. During the Contest, the Organizer will carry out the following activities: (a) process the personal data of participants in accordance with the Privacy Policy, available here; (b) draft and maintain a list of registered participants, verifying the fulfillment of the participation requirements without undertaking to notify one or more participants that they do not comply with participation requirements; (c) announce the winners of the Contest; (d) contact the winners in order to validate their identity and to award the prizes; (e) sign a Handover Protocol of the prizes with each of the winners, in order to allow the Organizer to fulfill its tax obligations in connection to the Contest.

1.7. The Contest will be carried out in accordance to these Official Rules that are opposable and mandatory for all participants. By participating in this Contest, the Application users give their express agreement, acknowledge and accept without objections the Official Rules.

1.8. The Contest may be interrupted by the Organizer, at any time, in case of a force majeure situation defined according to the Romanian Civil Code.

1.9. Given the current health situation around the world, the participants understand that it is not in the Organizer’s capacity to foresee and/or influence any changes to local rules that may be applicable to the Contest wherever a participant enters it and uses the Application to participate, these changes being outside the will of the Organizer. The participants agree and understand that should such changes restrict their ability to take part in the Contest, the Organizer may not be held liable in any way.

**SECTION 2 PLACE OF THE CONTEST **The Contest will take place in the following cities: Glasgow (United Kingdom).

**SECTION 3 THE CONTEST DURATION **The Contest will take place between 12th of March to 18th of August, in compliance with all the provisions of the Official Rules.


4.1. Anyone who has reached the age of 18 until the Contest starts and has a valid user account within the Application or creates and validates a new account during the Contest can participate. For more information on how to create a user account within the Application, please visit the Application’s Terms of Use.

4.2. Associates, employees and collaborators of the Organizer and their family members (children, parents, siblings, spouse and other relatives up to the 4th degree) do not have the right to participate in the Contest.

4.3. A fee shall be paid by each Application user that wants to take part in the Contest. In exchange for the fee, the Application user becomes a participant with 1 (one) chance to participate.

4.4. Participants are exclusively responsible to make sure they purchase tickets for those quests (games) available in the Application that are part of the Contest, marked as such by the Organizer. Purchasing a ticket for quests other than quests marked as being part of the Contest shall not be taken into account as a registration for the Contest.

4.5. No reimbursements of the ticket fee shall be possible regardless of the reason for such reimbursement being requested, except when the Contest is canceled in one or more cities by the Organizer, prior to its start, in which case the Organizer shall reimburse the participants that had registered to participate in the Contest in those respective cities only.

4.6. The Organizer has the right not to validate the participation in the Contest of the Application users who do not meet the participation requirements, regardless of the moment when the Organizer finds out this aspect. An Application user may be disqualified at any time if the Organizer notices any conduct deemed inappropriate in relation to the Contest or that could damage the image of the Organizer or the Application. Prior notice from the Organizer is not required in this case.

4.7. The Organizer considers participation in the Contest as an implicit acceptance of the Official Rules and considers any data provided by the user to be true and correct. In the case that any inconsistencies regarding the above are discovered, the Organizer may invalidate that participation with or without prior notice to the participant.

**SECTION 5 THE CONTEST MECHANISM ** 5.1. Any Application user who meets the requirements and buys a ticket as set out in Section 4 above may participate in the Contest. Participants are registered in the Contest based on the email address they are registered with as Application users.

5.2. To participate in the Contest, the users of the Application shall follow the instructions below:

(a) buy a ticket, either from the Organizer’s Website or from the Eventbrite website (, and receive confirmation that their payment has been duly processed and, as a result, they are registered to play one of the quests organized in connection with the Contest;

(b) download the Application for free from a mobile applications store, available on either Android or iOS mobile devices; steps (a) and (b) are interchangeable and may be performed in any order;

(c) create a new account (or log in with an existing account in the Application) with the email address used when purchasing the ticket;

(d) arrive at the set starting location during the Contest period, as mentioned in the instructions of the quest part of the Contest for which the participant has purchased a ticket;

(e) follow the instructions in the quest (game) which will take participants to each location.

(f) depending on the prize, submit a photograph via this email address ( with the subject line “Wizard of Oz contest”, and specifying the category for which you’re submitting the entry.

**SECTION 6 PRIZES AND AWARDING ** 6.1. Participants in the Contest may win the following prizes:

(a) 3x tickets admitting 12 people to a future Questo event of the participant’s choosing (maximum value 100 British Pounds each, or equivalent in another currency)

(b) 2x tickets admitting 6 people to a future Questo event of the participant’s choosing (maximum value 50 British Pounds each, or equivalent in another currency)

6.2. All participants need to have actively played and completed the quest (game) part of the Contest during the contest period (being considered an “Active Participant”).

6.3. Details about the prizes

(a) The winners of each of the 3 tickets admitting 12 people to a future Questo event will be chosen by these criteria:

  • Best Adult Costume (awarded to a person at least 18 years old; winner chosen by the Questo jury)
  • Best Kid Costume (awarded through the parent or guardian of a child younger than 18 years old; winner chosen by the Questo jury)
  • Best Team Picture (awarded to a pair/group consisting of at least two people; winner chosen by the Questo jury)

(b) The winners of each of the 2 tickets admitting 6 people to a future Questo event will be chosen by these criteria:

  • Funniest Wrong Answer (as chosen by the Questo jury)
  • Most Creative Username (as chosen by the Questo jury)

Each participant has only one chance of winning a ticket (one entry per category). However, a person can qualify to win multiple prizes.

The winners will be announced on the Organizer’s Facebook Page, Website and via email within (14) calendar days after the Contest ends.

6.6. Following the announcement of the winners, they will be contacted by the Organizer using the email address provided at the time of creating the account in the Application and winners will have the obligation to validate their identity within 72 hours.

6.7. In the case that one or more of the winners do not respond to the Organizer within 72 hours, they will not be considered a valid winner and will lose the right to obtain the prize. In this case, the Organizer shall select one reserve winner out via the same mechanisms indicated in this section. If also the reserve winner will not answer within 72 hours, the prize will be forfeited.

6.8. Each winner shall provide the Organizer with all the requested information, in order to elaborate and sign the Handover Protocol, respectively name / surname, e-mail address, copy of the identity card. These personal data will be processed by the Organizer only in order to award the prize and to fulfill the fiscal obligations of the Organizer, and in line with provisions in the Privacy Policy.

6.9. Following the provision of the data mentioned above, the Organizer will send by electronic means to each winner the Handover Protocol, who will sign and send back afterwards to the Organizer.

6.10. All prize values indicated in paragraph 6.1. above are gross, with applicable taxes being withheld by the Organizer based on its fiscal obligations. SECTION 7 THE VALIDATION OF PARTICIPANTS In order for a Contest participant to be validated as a winner, they must simultaneously meet the following conditions: (a) meet the participation requirements in Section 4; (b) participate in the Contest according to the mechanism provided in Section 5; (c) provide any necessary information to the Organizer in the validation process according to Section 6.


8.1. Participation in the Contest is only possible by using the Application. Tickets can be bought either directly in the Questo Application, Questo Website or the Eventbrite website.

8.2. Any decision of the Organizer in connection to the Contest is not subject to any appeal. The Organizer has the right to block the account of a participant who is suspected of fraud of the participation mechanism.

8.3. The Organizer has the right to use the name and / or email address of the winner in subsequent communications in relation to the Contest, in order to announce the winners.


9.1. By participating in the Contest, all participants agree and undertake to comply with all requirements and conditions established by the Organizer by this Official Rules; failure to comply with them may result in the liability of participants being activated.

9.2. By participating in the Contest, the winners agree to provide the Organizer with the data provided in Section 1 and to sign a Handover Protocol in relation to the prize won.

9.3. The Organizer has no obligation to respond to the requests that may arise after awarding the winner, regarding any aspect related to the Contest.


10.1. All the rights of the participants in the Contest are guaranteed in accordance with Regulation no. 679/2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the "Regulation") and Law no. 190/2018 on measures for the implementation of the Regulation, in particular the data subjects’ rights regarding information, access to data, the right to intervene, to oppose, to notice the competent court and to file complaints with the supervisory authority. More details on the processing of personal data of participants can be found in the Privacy Policy, accessible here.

10.2. The purposes of processing the personal data of the participants are: registration of participants, disclosure of winners, as well as future communications about the Contest in which they participated. The Organizer undertakes that personal data will not be transferred to third parties, except for the Personal Identification Number, which will be used to fulfill the tax obligations of the Organizer.

10.3. The organizer will comply with the provisions of Article 12 of Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, regarding the transmission of information by e-mail and other electronic means, committing not to transmit unsolicited communications to participants using the personal data obtained from them at the time of participation in the Contest.


11.1. The Organizer undertakes to calculate, withhold, transfer and submit the income tax arising from the prizes, in accordance with the legal provisions in force. 11.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the payment of other fees or other financial obligations related to the prizes offered, which are the responsibility of the winner. Any other expenses not specifically covered by this Official Rules will be borne by the winner.


The Contest may end prematurely only in case of force majeure, within the meaning of the Romanian Civil Code, including the case of impossibility of the Organizer to continue the Contest, for reasons beyond its control, in which case the Organizer will publicly announce this.


13.1. In case of potential disputes between the Organizer and the participants in the Contest, these will be amicably settled. If disputes cannot be amicably settled, the parties will address for settlement to the competent Romanian courts in whose jurisdiction the Organizer is located.

13.2. By participating in this Contest, participants agree to observe the provisions, terms and conditions of this Official Rules. These Official Rules have been published initially on the date mentioned in the preamble, last updated on the date mentioned in the preamble, and shall be available on the Organiser’s Website until all rights and obligations in connection to the Contest have been duly observed.

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