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The Art Institute of Chicago

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The history of the Art Institute of Chicago goes back to 1866, when a group of 35 artists founded the Chicago Academy of Design, wanting to run a school, where classes were held daily, that would have its own art gallery. 

The original building that housed the Academy was destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire, and so the members decided to fund another organization, the present day Art Institute of Chicago. Banker and philanthropist Charles L. Hutchinson is considered to be the man behind the Institute’s success, transforming it into a world-renowned museum. 

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How to get to the Art Institute of Chicago?

Situated next to Millenium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago is very accessible and easy to get to via public transportation

You can take several buses: 126, 147, 22, 29, 3, 6, 7.

If, on the other hand, you like trains, you’ll be pleased to know there are 6 trains which can take you to the museum: BNSF, MD-N, ME, RI, UP-N, UP-NW. 


There’s also the Chicago L, with the blue, green, purple and red lines taking you directly to the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Can you take pictures at the Art Institute of Chicago?

The Art Institute of Chicago itself encourages all visitors to take pictures of the artwork, as long as it is for personal use and the pictures are taken without flash. 


There are restrictions to the equipment you can take inside - cameras cannot be bigger than a personal SLR and selfie sticks are not allowed.

Where to park at the Art Institute of Chicago?

There is parking offered by the museum itself, with a valet as well! You can find it at the Modern Wing Entrance (159 East Monroe Street). The price tends to change, but it is usually around $28 and can only be paid in cash. 

Fun things to do near the Art Institute of Chicago?

Besides seeing all the amazing art the museum has to offer, how about finding some more art in the city with a self guided tour!

You can walk at your own pace, pause the tour any time you want (to take in all the sights Chicago has to offer) and get immersed in a story written by our top-notch writers. 


Start at the Art Institute of Chicago and explore the city like never before!

Games with The Art Institute of Chicago

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