The Old Windmill

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About The Old Windmill

Perched atop Wickham Terrace like a wise old sage, The Old Windmill stands as Brisbane's silent storyteller, whispering tales from 1828. It's Brisbane's very own time traveller, having witnessed the city's transformation from a penal colony to the vibrant metropolis it is today.

This isn't just any windmill; it's the grandfather of Queensland’s heritage, surviving floods, storms, and even a stint as a TV broadcast tower. Think of it as Brisbane’s version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, minus the lean but with all the charm. With walls thick enough to withstand a zombie apocalypse, this historical beacon was once a treadmill for convicts and later, the backdrop for Australia’s first spring wheat grind.

Best time/season to visit: The Old Windmill is a stunner year-round, but she really shines from April to September when Brisbane’s weather turns delightful. These months offer clear skies perfect for picnics and lazy strolls around Spring Hill, where the windmill’s silhouette against the sunset can make even the most hardened city slicker feel a touch poetic.