Beautiful Bushy ParkHunt London: The Missing Game

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Experience the sights, smells, and sounds of picturesque Royal Bushy Park in a nature-themed quest to find The Missing Game.

It's all about exercise and a beautiful walk as you solve simple clues & hear fun facts about local inhabitants.

An exciting couples, family & buggy-friendly journey to discover a rich cornucopia of beautiful plants & animals.

Be sure to take water & snacks, or even a picnic, to enjoy whilst relaxing by one of the idyllic ponds.

The route starts at the Pheasantry Cafe car park. Due to car route restrictions at the south entrance, drivers MUST enter Chestnut Avenue from the NORTH end to park by the cafe.

Are you ready for a stroll with a difference?

"Loved this! Have lived near Bushy Park for three years and found new places to explore. And I was wondering what the twist was based on reviews - it's a great one!” - Charlie Haynes

"I liked working out the answers and doing lots of walking. I was surprised by the ending." - Wolfie, aged 8

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
Duration: Approximately 1.5-2 hours
Accessibility: Sturdy Buggy-Friendly (Sections of wooded ground may be too difficult for Wheelchair Users)


  • Can be played on
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • During these hours
    Whole day

  • Languages

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  • Immerse yourself in tranquil nature and leave the outside world behind

  • Marvel at the Giant Rhubarb's Jurassic 1m diameter leaves

  • Walk under a beautiful natural archway that most don't even know is there

  • See the enormous totem pole gifted by an indigenous Canadian Chief

  • Discover it all at the Woodland Gardens, a hidden gem in Royal Bushy Park


You’ve lost your family! Your beloved soulmate and babies were with you last night but gone when you woke up this morning. Where could they be?
Look around the park and you’ll meet some locals who will help find them and solve your Missing Game.

For every stage, there are step-by-step picture directions to swipe through at the top of the screen, with arrows showing exactly where to go. For those that prefer text, you can also read the instructions, or even use the mapping function (although this isn't as accurate in the woods, so it's better to lean more on the images and text).

Except for a couple, most of the clues are fairly simple, but the answers are all visible from the points where you'll be standing at each stage.

There's also a hint available for each puzzle (light-bulb icon in the bottom-left of the screen) which will point you in the right direction and provide a handy image.

Remember though, the journey IS the destination! So take time to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds in this lovely part of the park.

One last thing before I send you on your way: from time to time, parts of the route are temporarily changed/closed for major events, or improvement works to benefit all visitors. If this happens, please try not to let it frustrate you too much, just use the map function to find an alternative route or enjoy the tranquillity in whatever part of the park you can access. You can still continue the story on the phone using the hints but please let us know what happened using 'Report a problem' via the Cog Icon at the top-left (so we can fix it or alert others). In return, we'll apologise and compensate you with one of our other excellent quests for free.

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Experience's route


Places you will visit


It will take you

80-110 mins

You will walk

3550 steps

Total distance

2.7 km

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  • Pause, continue exploring at your own pace or replay at any time.
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Sarah Evans

09 Apr 2024

Anil Ghosh

09 Mar 2024

Elise Dallas

09 Mar 2024
amazing trail but on at last 4 days c the areas it was shut so caused a few meltdowns. not ideal for Mother’s Day! but preservered!


05 Mar 2024


04 Feb 2024
Really fun and engaging game

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James Stewart-Cox
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Sarah Evans
3100 XP