Jewel of Brasov: Exploring the Enchanting Schei

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Venture beyond the old town of Brasov and discover the hidden wonders of Schei! Prepare for an immersive journey into a world steeped in rich culture and history.

Schei's history is a testament to the resilience and determination of its inhabitants. Unravel the untold stories, help organize a revolution, and let the spirit of Schei ignite a fire within you.

Get ready to be spellbound by the allure of Schei and embrace its call for exploration and discovery!


  • Can be played on
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • During these hours
    06:00AM - 09:00PM

  • Languages
    English, Romanian

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  • Discover the jewel of Brasov, the magnificent Schei neighborhood that many tourists miss.

  • Explore beautiful crosses from the 17-18th century.

  • Walk along enchanting alleys that you won't even find on Google Maps.

  • Be amazed at the breathtaking viewpoints.

  • Discover the fascinating story of the controversial hero of Schei, Capitan Ilie Birt.


It's 1738. You are Capitan Ilie Birt, a wealthy merchant from Scheii Brasovului. You have just returned from a glorious campaign against the Ottomans.

On your way back home, you realize that now is the perfect time to implement the secret plan of the Romanians living in the Schei neighborhood. 
With the prestige gained on the battlefield and with the wealth of the local merchants, you could turn Schei into a Republic. That way the people could finally break free from the Saxon tyranny.

Experience's route

Starting point Piața Unirii
Piața Unirii, Brașov, Romania
Finish point Crucea lui Ilie Birt, Piața Unirii
Piața Unirii 7, Brașov 500123, Romania

Places you will visit


It will take you

69-99 mins

You will walk

4470 steps

Total distance

3.4 km

  • Varied terrain/elevation, may not be suitable for those with limited mobility
  • Family friendly
  • You can stop for a break any time
  • Fun to do as a couple
  • Comfortable shoes are highly recommended!
  • The route is open daily from 09:00 until dusk
  • Audio stories
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23 Jul 2024
We enjoyed this tour a lot! It was great to find out about Ilie Brit and discover the beautiful neighborhood. The only problem we had, was that one riddle (i think it was 7) were we wrote the solution in all capital letters and it was the right one but the app didn't take it and presented the solution in small letters only. Other than that we had a great time! The story is compelling if a little romaticised and the context added really helps to understand the bigger picture.


21 Jul 2024

Doru Boboc

28 Jun 2024

Grigore Baleanu

16 Jun 2024

Anda-Amelia Palamariuc

11 Jun 2024

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Doru Boboc
3700 XP
Andreea Dragoi-Ventome
3700 XP
Ștefan Saucă
3700 XP