Xmas Gift: Scavenger Hunt in Manhattan

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Looking for gifts is one of the most stressful parts of the winter holidays.

We are here to help. Introducing: Questo scavenger hunts.

Easily purchasable online and to be enjoyed all year long.

The world’s most popular scavenger hunts are now available in Manhattan after entertaining people all around the globe. 

These hunts make a great Christmas gift. They can be enjoyed at any age and at any time (the access is valid for one year). Yes, that’s right, whoever receives this gift can enjoy it whenever they wish.



This is an interactive activity where you are guided by a mobile app. You follow directions and solve very fun puzzles, riddles and cryptic codes around town.

During the game, you will also visit popular and hidden places in the city while reading fun (and we mean it) bits of history about them.

All this while playing the role of a character with an important mission to solve by the end.

This is a storytelling experience just as much.

More than 150.000 people around the world have rated these Questo hunts 4.8/5 stars.



The gift gives full access to a Questo scavenger hunt in Manhattan.

Your purchase confirmation email will contain instructions on how to send your gift to your loved ones. 



Learn more about the gift from our FAQ section.  

If you have any other questions, please chat with us live here.

Starting point

Grand central station

This game does NOT end in the same place where it started. The ending address can be found in the app. And you can play at anytime, no need to schedule.

Questo players around the world

What people think about the experience

Really beautiful walk with findings and visits of places outside the tourist routes. Will return with pleasure.

Dupont, Paris, 5 stars:

The hunt had something for everyone on my team - a 10 year old into superheros, a movie buff, an architecture lover and we saw some cool stuff in NYC too.

Katie, New York, 5 stars:

Fabulous quest, really interesting. Took us away from the bustling city and down little cobbled streets, beautiful.

Sharon, Vienna, 5 stars:

It was great! Even if you know everything about savannah, you are still bound to learn something! It is fun for all ages, and surprisingly doesn't feel like that long of a walk, even though it's 3.5 kilometers!

Steve, Savannah, 5 stars:

Very nice tour to visit some spots you would not visit otherwise. Fun and interesting story.

Viktor, Utrecht, 5 stars:

my friends and i had such an amazing time doing the scavenger hunt. got to see some cool sites! highly recommend!!

Chloe, Chicago, 5 stars:

How to get the gift

The gift gives access to an interactive activity where you explore the city and solve puzzles/riddles. You will be guided by an award-winning app from start to end.

Step 1: Buy the gift here for any number of people.

Step 2: Check your email for confirmation.

Step 3: Forward the gift to your loved ones.



Date and time: this scavenger hunt can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and it’s valid for one year from the moment of purchase. 

Duration: the scavenger hunt usually takes about an hour and a half, but you can go at your own pace too.

Distance walked: around 4 KM

Safety: this experience takes place outdoors and it doesn’t involve contact with people, but please follow your local COVID-19 guidelines.

Find more information in your booking confirmation email.

And please consult our FAQ section if you have more questions.

More than 150,000 people have enjoyed our experiences before. Are you ready to join this playground?

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How the app works

Download the app and let it guide you
Go to the starting point in the city
Explore new places in town
Solve puzzles and riddles found in your surroundings
Learn fun bits of history about each place
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