Cinderella: An Immersive Experience in Tampa

Cinderella: An Immersive Experience in Tampa

November 9, 2024, Tampa, FL

21.537 reviews

The magical world of Cinderella arrives on the streets of your city in the form of an outdoor escape room-style experience. 

You will use your phone to follow hidden clues, solve witty puzzles and complete fun challenges as you walk around the city.

Follow the iconic story of Cinderella on her way to becoming a true princess. Navigating her wicked stepfamily, going through her magical transformation and entering a world of adventure.

The experience is inspired by the classic Cinderella story by Charles Perrault.

You can play at your own pace or against the clock to compete with friends or hundreds of other teams.

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one team ticket admits 2-6 adults and kids go for free

--   TIME
start anytime between 10 AM - 4 PM, the experience lasts approx. 90 minutes

outdoors, location to be sent via email before the event

--   GAME
throughout the event, you will be guided solely by our immersive mobile app

--   COSTUME CONTEST: optional, for people who wear them

--   AGE: recommended for ages 8+

--   PET FRIENDLY: yes!


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What our players say

Beautiful surroundings and great puzzles with a good amount but not too much walking. The teenagers even liked it!
Monica A. - Chicago, Illinois
more cryptic puzzles would be great. Maybe some options for different difficulty levels. great tunes!
Sam T. - Darwin City, Australia
We ranged in age from 9 to 60. Everyone enjoyed it. Great work. The youngest needed a little bit of help, but barely. They loved following the map. Distance was perfect. Overall a great, unique family event.
Ann A. - Fort Worth, Texas
Good location choice. Good spot in the city; history; hot but breezy; great choice of restaurants and shops in the area; more of an artistic vibe! Not downtown and overly crowded with traffic and buildings.
Anon - Jacksonville, Florida
I purchased this event as a family Christmas gift. I’m 73. This was a great way to see downtown Fort Worth.. The others in my party enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you!
Kathryn, L - Fort Worth, Texas
my family had a fun bonding experience. I hope there are more of these games in the near future
Tasa B. - Louisville, Kentucky
Did ours today & had so much fun! We didn’t dress up but loved seeing all the participants that did. Already looking for the next event we’re going to do.
Crystal M.
fun and unique. all the people we passed while in costume loved it
Victor C. - San Antonio, Texas
Great job creating an experience that gets outside with loved ones!
Baker, H - Las Vegas, Nevada
got to see some cool things that I’ve never seen. kids got to get out and walk
Justin G., Fort Worth, Texas
Great time with family doing something different. Perfect for all ages.
Alexis, B - Louisville, Kentucky
so much fun! if you haven't done one of these do it. you'll get your steps in and have fun with your partner
Valdez V. - Albuquerque, New Mexico
This was such a great experience. Family laughed and worked great together to complete the tasks. Thank you for this experience.
Wilkie D. - Virginia Beach, Virginia
fun way to explore the city and have fun with the family!
Christi G., Fort Worth, Texas
It was tiring but FUN. Took about 2 hrs. You can move at your own pace. Lots of people dressed up! We didn’t though. Wear comfortable shoes. Have fun
Ann J.W. - Jacksonville, Florida
It really fun. Put on your thinking caps, wear comfortable walking shoes.
Pam R.
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