Questo Meet-up in London: play, walk and talk

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Questo Meet-up in London: play, walk and talk

Hi! I’m Claudiu, co-founder of Questo, and I will love to meet you in London on the 6th of March!

The event is FREE and you can participate alone or with friends.
We will play a Questo city exploration game and, after that, we will stay for a drink and talk more about Questo and future plans. I will answer all your questions and curiosities.

You can join us if you are a Questo Creator, a Questo player or if you just learn about Questo for the first time. I will love to meet you all!

More about the creator of the game, Kirstie
I have been a Londoner for over twenty years, living in the East End for most of that time and I really love the historical richness and diversity of my locality. Really enjoy the fact that making Quests opens my eyes to areas I've known for years and helps me learn and discover even more about this wonderful City. I have a trusty helper in Loxley my Bedlington Terrier and he has a great time on the nice long, discovery walks too!

More about Questo:
We are a platform for city games. Each game is created by local creators. Currently, we have games in 150+ cities and more than 300.000 people played our city games.

As a creator, you can build your own game with no costs. We offer up to 75% shared revenue of the profits it generates. Top Questo games can generate upwards of 30.000 Euro/per year per game.

If you want an opportunity to meet new, like-minded people while exploring all that Rome has to offer, this is the event for you!

Join us for playing, walking and talking in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and learn how to create your own games or to make them better!

Starting point

Whitechapel Gallery

This game does NOT end in the same place where it started. The ending address can be found in the app. And you can play at anytime, no need to schedule.

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