Dogecoin Scavenger Hunt in NYC - Contest Details

How to get your diamond hands on the coin prizes?

At the end of the game, you will receive a Final Challenge in the app. The challenge requires you to film a video and post it on your social media profiles.

The video should be about: What does the DOGE say? - you have creative liberty, so go crazy with it!

The funniest and most liked submissions will be awarded the grand prize(s).

The video needs to be posted on your Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook accounts with the hashtag #DogecoinQuesto. You also need to tag the official Questo page on the platform you’re posting it on - @questoapp is our username on all social media. The participant who solves this Final Challenge in the most creative way will win $1000 worth of DOGECOIN.

Also, after 600 participants register for the event (book a spot), for every 100 additional people booking a spot we will add another $1000 prize until a maximum of $5000.

This means that if at least 1000 people attend the event, the 5 most creative solutions for the challenge will each be rewarded with $1000 in DOGECOIN.

The creativity of the challenge will be measured in total likes earned on the platform where it’s posted until the 10th of December 2021.

**Good luck! **