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Wonders and Secrets of the Flatiron District, New York [QUEST IN TEST MODE]

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Iren Gurarye
Enjoy one of the most fascinating and picturesque areas of New York City. You’ll see iconic skyscrapers and visit the quietest streets in the city usually hidden from tourists. You’ll be able to time-travel from 19th century Gilded Age New York to the modern-day city of soaring skyscrapers. Take a trip through the amazing history of the city while admiring its stunning, eclectic architecture.

Are you ready to discover the wonders and secrets of the Flatiron District?


  • Learn what the Flatiron Building, strong winds and Peeping Toms have in common
  • Discover Manhattan's only private park
  • Find a gravesite in the middle of Broadway
  • Visit three buildings that were once the tallest in the world
  • Hear the tragic tale of a famous architect, a young beauty, a jealous husband and the 'trial of the century'

Starting point

Union Square Drinking Fountain

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 15 challenges
  • Best during the day


You're a human from the future and you've been sent back in time to mark potential historical sites for excavation and preservation. 

A thousand years from now, not much is left of the sculptures, carvings, and architectural wonders of our time. But New York in the 2020s is choc-full of them! You need to find them and spray-tag them with an invisible nanomachine so that a thousand years from now someone can dig them up and put them on display.
Will you help the museums of the future?
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