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Way to Atlantis: first encounter in Funchal

Way to Atlantis: first encounter in Funchal image
In 'Atlantis', players are inducted into the clandestine world of Ajudantes, a covert society with a global mission of benevolence and compassion. 

Operating in the urban shadows, they're given their first task in the age-old city streets: to assist Corrado, a venerable man with a heart full of memories, in his desperate search for his beloved black cat, Atlantis. 

As participants traverse hidden alleys and bustling markets, they not only piece together clues to locate the elusive feline but also immerse themselves in countless acts of kindness, reflecting the true spirit of the Ajudantes. 

This outdoor escape game offers a heartwarming adventure, emphasizing the transformative power of small deeds and the beauty of unsung heroism.
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