The Inception of the Nazi Movement, Munich

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From 1941 to 1951 one of the greatest crimes against humanity occurred, killing approximately 6 million people. It all started here when Adolf Hitler, then 30, came to Munich. Discover the places where the National Socialist movement has its roots. Get to know a city that became some kind of role model for the whole German Reich. You will learn how anti-Semitist ideas were able to spread more and more and how the dictator managed to come to power.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

99-129 mins

You will walk

4600 steps

Total distance

3.5 km


  • Find out more about Hitler's megalomaniac plans to rebuild the city into a “Führerstadt”

  • Explore the site of the forbidden art

  • Learn more about the radical actions of the National Socialist Workers' Party

  • Remember the night Europe's greatest genocide began


The heat of summer is fading and a cruel autumn wind blows over Germany. The Nazi Party, headed by Adolf Hitler, has risen to absolute power in the German government and their future plans are already set in motion.

You are Henrick Nilsen, an ex-pat Norwegian and British spy. After the Munich Agreement of September 1938 and a rising doubt in your superior, Hugh Sinclair, you have been sent on a covert operation to find evidence of Hitler’s fanaticism despite the British Government’s protests.

Game route

Starting point Königsplatz
Königsplatz 1, 80333 München, Germany
Finish point Old Town Hall
Marienplatz 15, 80331 München, Germany
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William Robins

05 Mar 2023

Sarah Elliott

28 Feb 2023
this was a really great way to spend an afternoon and past the NS documentation museum which I called in at for a couple of hours (free and very very good)


06 Jan 2023

Paulo Kuriki

04 Jan 2023

Ioana Tapus

04 Jan 2023

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Coralie Doucet
3400 XP
Elias Baadsvik
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