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Singapore Historical Waterway (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Destination Asia
Play a city game where you follow clues and discover amazing places and local stories from the lifeline of Singapore for nearly 200 years: the Singapore River. This journey along the river brings you to beautiful scenery and landmarks such as The Fullerton Hotel, Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, and The Arts House, while you solve the case of a mysterious murder.
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  • Uncover the secret history of the waterway.
  • Discover where creativity meets history at The Arts House.
  • Witness one of the tallest skyscrapers at Raffles Place
  • Admire the beautiful Coleman Bridge underpass murals.

Starting point

Robertson Bridge

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 10 challenges


You are one of Singapore's most renowned homicide investigators of the Singapore Police Force with a knack for mysteries and puzzle-solving. An hour ago, you received a call informing you that a body was discovered at Robertson Quay, near the Robertson Bridge.

As soon as you see the facedown body of the male victim near the river, you notice a corner of paper sticking out underneath the corpse. You pull out the paper to examine it; it’s a sealed letter that simply reads, β€œ#1,” on the front of the envelope. Clearly, this is no ordinary murder...


(no ratings yet)
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