San Diego: Balboa Park Adventure

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Play a city exploration game in and around the beautiful historic district, Balboa Park. Tread down El Prado, the main boulevard traveling into San Diego’s crown jewel, and visit its stunning gardens and fountains. Discover a whole new world in the heart of the city. Follow the clues and solve riddles to learn fun facts and the many secrets within the park and structures, some constructed more than a century ago! Keep your eyes peeled and be ready! You might just bump into an adventure.
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  • Cross the street carefully
  • Route may be affected by temporary ongoing construction work
  • No attractions ticket(s) required
  • We recommend not playing at night

Places you will visit


It will take you

97-127 mins

You will walk

3940 steps

Total distance

3 km


  • Check out the largest cantilever bronze animal statue in the world

  • Wander through thousands of roses with hundreds of varieties

  • Discover a fountain with a waterspout designed to change with the winds

  • Marvel at the garden grotto’s colourful resident butterflies


Ah, Balboa Park! So much time spent contemplating your little fountains, stunning gardens, beautiful buildings. Sickening!
The council has shut down our plan for progress. They’ve abandoned us. They say entrepreneurship; they say they support us. “If it were anywhere else,” they say. I say beeswax! Enough! Down with the park!
Find the rose at…
The note scares you. Down with the park?! No. Who wrote this? How? You can’t let this happen. As Lead Botanist, you must act to prevent it!

Game route

Starting point Balboa Park Carousel
1889 Zoo Pl, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
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Monika Prummer



16 May 2023
This was so much fun! I would highly recommend doing this as a part of a vacation or even of you live in or around San Diego.

Hannah Garrison

06 May 2023

Breanna Dunaway

06 May 2023

Kevin Hooks

05 May 2023

What does a
game look like?

  • Discover new places

    As you walk and tour around the city, you will visit new cool places.

  • Solve puzzles, crack riddles

    You will test your wits and exploring abilities with fun challenges.

  • Learn fun history

    Each place comes with its own bit of history that you'll discover as you walk.

  • Role-play

    Put yourself in the shoes of a famous fictional character and play out their story.


Alex Maynard
3700 XP
Dylan Huntington
3700 XP
Justin Huntington
3700 XP