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Old Town Tokyo: Shoguns, Geishas & Samurais (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Sunrise Tours JTB
Play a city game and journey through the beautiful Tokyo neighbourhood of Yanesen.
You’ll solve clues and learn stories about Yanesen’s landmarks.  You’ll discover amazing spots such as the shrines and temples of the past and the parks and bookshops of the present.

Your name is Kazuo Kawabata and you’re sent on a mission to reengage with your neighbourhood, Yanesen.
Are you ready to explore the old and the new of Yanesen?
  • No booking needed. Just download the app, add it to your quests and start playing.


  • Learn of the spiritual and historical background to the Yanesen
  • Explore how the modern world and the old-world cross paths and merge in harmonious unity
  • Discover what figures, legends and myths helped to mold Yanesen over time.

Starting point

Nippori Station

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 11 challenges
  • Best during the day
  • Instagrammable
  • Best for couples
  • Recommended activity for families


You are Kazuo Kawabata, once a well-known author. After the critical mauling of your last book, you decided to never write again. 

A mysterious letter has turned up. It is full of intimate details about things you did when you were infatuated with fame that you are not proud of. The letter states that all this will be brought to light today unless you come out with a new book. 

You venture into the city, hoping inspiration will strike you before a scandal tarnishes your name even more… 


(1 ratings)


May 2021
Great concept