Radio, Rivalry, and Riches: Walk With Masterminds and Millionaires Through Midtown Manhattan

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Discover the lively, vibrant, and intoxicatingly historic Midtown Manhattan. Starting in the heart of Times Square, begin under the glow of neon screens and travel back in time to the world of the man who created them. 

You’ll see the famous highlights of New York City, such as the Empire State Building, and learn the intimate secrets hidden in plain sight, such as where Nikola Tesla received a life-changing message from a white pigeon.
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Places you will visit


It will take you

51-81 mins

You will walk

4600 steps

Total distance

3.5 km


  • See the building where Nikola Tesla, the father of radio, spent his last night alive.

  • Discover the secret oases of Midtown Manhattan, where Native New Yorkers seek rest and refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

  • Walk in the footsteps of the extraordinary men who turned America into an industrial empire.


After snooping around near a prohibited government laboratory, you were captured and put through a series of experiments. They gave you powerful, superhuman abilities, making you capable of manipulating radio waves and frequencies. Now, it’s up to you to track down the scientists that did this and uncover the greater meaning behind their schemes.

Game route

Starting point One Times Square
1 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036, USA
Finish point The Radio Wave Building
49 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, USA
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13 Feb 2023
That was so fun! Thanks so much for putting it together!!!

Sonya Rivers

09 Aug 2022

Richard Wilson

08 Aug 2022
Really cool story! The challenges were super fun, too, and the hints were really helpful! Overall, a great time! I’d totally reccomend!


04 Aug 2022

Bri Rivera

22 Jul 2022

What does an
outdoor escape game look like?

  • Discover new places

    As you walk and tour around the city, you will visit new cool places.

  • Solve puzzles, crack riddles

    You will test your wits and exploring abilities with fun challenges.

  • Learn fun history

    Each place comes with its own bit of history that you'll discover as you walk.

  • Role-play

    Put yourself in the shoes of a famous fictional character and play out their story.


Bri Rivera
3699 XP
Val Evelyn
3672 XP
Sonya Rivers
3669 XP