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Madrid's Old Town: Escape the Inquisition

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Patricia Martín Rivas
Madrid is stalked by remnants and nightmares of the Spanish Inquisition — you just need to pierce its thin modern veneer. Unveil the city’s darkest secrets playing this game, and you will never see Madrid the same way again.

Following in the footsteps of Juana Picazo, a folk healer persecuted and arrested by the Inquisition, revisit beloved landmarks like the Plaza Mayor, the San Miguel Market, and La Latina, explore beautiful streets that have seen centuries of history, and save her life.

Help Picazo escape the Inquisition… If you dare!
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  • See historic details in and around the Plaza Mayor that are hiding in plain sight
  • Walk the streets of La Latina, Madrid’s mecca for tapas
  • Learn about the darkest periods of Spain’s history

Starting point

Inquisition Dungeons

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English, Spanish
  • This quest has 13 challenges
  • Best during the day
  • Instagrammable


You must rescue your sister, the 18th century healer Juana Picazo, from the dungeons of the Inquisition before she is publicly shamed and burned at the stake. She’s been healing people for years using natural practices, but someone was not satisfied and denounced her to the Inquisition. 

Calling her Satan’s bride, they’ve shaved her head, tarred, and feathered her, and the next step is to mount her on a donkey and parade her around the city to be insulted and struck by the devout masses. That could easily kill her.

When you learned she’d been detained, you travelled to Madrid from your home in La Mancha to help her. However, you don’t know the city well, and Juana can barely see after her harsh treatment. You’ll have to be her eyes as you cross Madrid together and guide Juana safely to her apartment in La Latina, so she can pack her things and flee the city!


(32 ratings)


Sep 2021
Indications not clear. could have been better in that sense. Misundarstandings due to translation.

Bego Lujan

Aug 2021
algunas pistas muy confusas!

Juan Carlos Moreno

Aug 2021
La historia es entretenida pero algunas de las respuestas no tienen sentido, y por lo tanto, las pistas tampoco.

Curiositas Mundus

Aug 2021
la historia y los hechos están genial.

Beatriz Milla Gutierrez

Aug 2021
las idicaciones no son tan claras, pero buen recorrido.