Historic Bloomsbury, London: The Literary Mystery

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Discover the historic Bloomsbury district of London while you solve a literary mystery. Walk in the footsteps of Bloomsbury's most famous writers, from Virginia Woolf to George Orwell and Mary Shelley, while exploring locations from their classic novels. A mysterious letter asks for your help to solve a series of book thefts in the area. Follow the trail of clues to find out the truth and stop the crimes - if you dare. 
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Places you will visit


It will take you

48-78 mins

You will walk

2760 steps

Total distance

2.1 km


  • Discover the secret entrance to Britain's most popular museum

  • Drop by London's smallest art gallery

  • Visit one of the sinister locations from George Orwell's 1984

  • Explore Virginia Woolf's neighborhood

  • Take a stroll through one of Jane Austen's favorite London parks


After buying a book at a second-hand bookstall in Bloomsbury, you leaf through it at a nearby café. You are surprised when a note falls out of the book. You feel a shiver as you pick it up and read it. “Beware Book Lover! They will strike again today. I can't stop them without your help. Go to the museum before it’s too late.” You are intrigued. Is it a joke, or does someone really need your help? You are a book lover, after all. You decide to find out more. 

Game route

Starting point Starting Point - British Museum
Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG, UK
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01 Jun 2023


29 May 2023
A fascinating walk through the hidden history of Bloomsbury. I had no idea of London’s famous literary heritage among the modern buildings. eerie, informative, a great game!

Annemarie Lopez

25 May 2023

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