Highlights of Portland: The Golden Adventure

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Welcome to downtown Portland, where the pioneer past jostles the hipster present. Unlock stories about the Shanghai Tunnels, through which unsuspecting visitors were kidnapped and carried to sea; the Portland Hotel, where dismembered bodies were dumped; and Skidmore Fountain, which would’ve run with beer instead of water if civic leaders had a sense of fun.
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It will take you

41-71 mins

You will walk

6570 steps

Total distance

5 km


  • Not for nothing is this hipster haven's unofficial motto "Keep Portland Weird."You will:

  • · Meet Portlandia, the Statue of Liberty's trident-wielding sister

  • · Check the weather forecast using Portland's one-of-a-kind Weather Machine

  • · Circumnavigate Powell's City of Books, a bookstore so large even the locals still get lost


For decades, the only leprechaun colony west of Ireland thrived in Mill Ends Park…until the park was dug up for road work. When its resident leprechauns tried to relocate their tiny pot of gold, the gleam caught the eye of Portland’s famous peregrine falcons, who carried it off.
You’re an Irish treasure hunter notorious for tracking down leprechaun gold on the Emerald Isle—so Patrick O’Toole, chief of Portland’s leprechauns, reasons that you’re just the person to find the missing pot. You receive a letter from him: “If ye succeed,” it promises, “we’ll split the gold with ye.”
You’ve flown to Portland to meet him at City Hall.

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