Dubrovnik, Croatia

Medieval Dubrovnik (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Martina Gašpar
Play a city exploration game while you imagine the street life in Medieval Dubrovnik! If you know how to listen, you will find out that the walls of Dubrovnik indeed can talk. From history, diplomacy, everyday life to food, they have a lot of stories to tell. 

Solve challenges and discover one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, the 16th century graffiti about football and the scary legend of the Lokrum island. 
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  • Learn why hunger was never an issue in Dubrovnik.
  • Discover one of the finest private palaces in the Old Town.
  • Get a glimpse into Dubrovnik’s rich literary tradition!

Starting point

Amerling Fountain

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 14 challenges
  • Best during the day
  • Instagrammable
  • Best for couples
  • Recommended activity for families


You’re a time traveler from the 24th Century, who goes to the 16th Century Dubrovnik to meet a famous writer.

Instead of a calm conversation with him, , you need to help him escape the town. He’s accused of conspiracy and his life is in serious danger. Along the way, you need to hide his writings in order to save them. Otherwise, this town can lose an important part of its culture.

Plus, if you get discovered, you might not be able to go back to your time.


(1 ratings)

Anjato Servantes

Jul 2021
Excellent!! Educational and fun :)
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Anjato Servantes
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Anita Gašpar
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Martina Gluhan
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