Buda Castle District in Budapest: Time Travel Mystery

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Follow the clues through Buda Castle and beyond that take you back in time to the era of the Ottoman occupation. 

Learn about the 150-year Turkish occupation of Buda and the influence of Ottoman culture on modern day Hungary while visiting the old castle walls of Buda Castle, a Turkish bath, the tomb of an Islamic saint, and many more hidden places. 

Are you up for an adventure into this unique history of Budapest?
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Places you will visit


It will take you

102-132 mins

You will walk

5910 steps

Total distance

4.5 km


  • Explore the famous Castle District through the eyes of Ottoman history.

  • Visit the tomb of an Islamic saint and holy man.

  • See Budapest’s oldest Turkish bath.


You are waiting for a friend when a young man approaches you. He is dressed strangely, wearing baggy harem pants, a white shirt with a black embroidered waistcoat and a turban. He asks you where he can find his master. You ask him “who is his master?” He cannot remember. He doesn’t know his name either, but he claims to be a time traveller from the 16th century whose memory has been wiped by the journey. 

He remembers something, a memory of something nearby. You agree to help the nameless traveller recover his identity and his memories. You head off together to unravel the history, relics and secrets of Ottoman Budapest so the nameless man can return to his time and his mysterious master. 

Game route

Starting point Turkish cemetery
Budapest, District I., 1013 Hungary
Finish point Gül Baba and Rosegarden
Budapest, Mecset u. 14, 1023 Hungary
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Pierluigi Lana

03 Jan 2023

Sjoerd Velden

29 Dec 2022

Daniela Popa

02 Dec 2022


20 Nov 2022

Karl Lust

30 Oct 2022
the castle was unser constractio so the First Part of the Game didnt Work

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Tomas Valenta
3850 XP
Sjoerd Velden
3697 XP
Igor Deseatnikov
3694 XP