Brighton, UK

Highlights of Brighton (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Created by
Debbie Ward
Travel back in time as you discover some of Brighton’s most famous and ornate buildings and find out more about the city’s royal connections and its evolution into a tourist resort.

Learn how a playboy prince brought legions of Londoners in his wake and the unusual places where injured Indian soldiers slept under chandeliers. Discover how a 19th century inventor brought some novel ideas for entertainment to the seafront and what was at the beach way back before today’s amusements. 
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  • Discover two still functioning tourist attractions that were the first of their kind in the world. 
  • Stand under a gift from India. 
  • See where 70s super-group ABBA was launched to fame. 
  • Learn the location of Brighton’s ill-fated moving pier. 

Starting point

Theatre Royal Brighton

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  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 13 challenges
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Once, you were a fisherman.
Maybe the best fisherman in Brighton, until the fish disappeared. At first you thought perhaps it was a spell of bad luck, but as the months went on, you feared they were gone forever.

It’s 1830 now, 2 years since the fish left, along with your fiancé Elena. But this morning you found a hastily scribbled parchment stuffed beneath your door. Something is terribly wrong. It had no signature, just meet me at our theatre. 

You must find out who wrote it, and why. 


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