Breda, Netherlands

The Haunted Breda

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Claudiu Gedö
Go on a haunted Breda walking tour where you will follow clues to discover scary places and local stories.

On this scary Breda tour and city game, you will learn horror stories while you visit top Breda attractions like the Grote Kerk, Stadhuis Breda, Het Spanjaardsgat and more landmarks.

Are you up for a haunted walk in Breda?
per group of up to 4
  • After booking, follow the instructions you receive by e-mail for playing this city game & walking tour.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't enjoy the quest


  • You will go to the most haunted places in town
  • You will find out the horror stories of the people who used to live there
  • You will discover the curses that plague your city

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Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 8 challenges
  • Not for kids
  • Best at night


A walk on the banks of Mark is the perfect way to end the day. Strolling ahead, deep in thoughts, you haven’t even noticed when you left the city behind. Suddenly, the silence is broken by what seemed to be a crowd’s murmur. 

Looking around, you notice the Red Tree and you realized that is the place the talking is coming from. Curious to find what the fuss is all about, you cautiously approach the tree…

VOICE 1: No… I cannot agree with that. 
VOICE 2: You should… 
VOICE 3: Why the hell are we even bickering over such trivial things? 
VOICE 4: Oh! The everyday joys of spreading justice… 
VOICE 1: No, no… absolutely not… 
VOICE 5: <humming>La Bohema <humming>...


(1 ratings)

Claudiu Gedö

Oct 2018
Fantastic story. Dropped a tear at the end.
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