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Boston Highlights: Walking the Freedom Trail (QUEST IN TEST MODE)

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Samuel Fishman
The Freedom Trail stretches through downtown Boston. Seminal events that triggered the fight for independence took place within one mile of each other. Walking the Trail, you will be transported back to the 1770s, traversing the same paths of the Founding Fathers and their supporters.

The Trail also touches upon other memorials related to the struggle for freedom, for African-Americans and immigrants, reminding you of how it requires sacrifice and persistent effort so all people can be free.
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  • Find out where Boston’s most powerful people have met for 400 years
  • Uncover the true origins of Benjamin Franklin 
  • Learn the stories of some of the martyrs of American independence

Starting point

Massachusetts State House

Know before you go

  • Quest available in English
  • This quest has 12 challenges
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You have been working as an assistant to an influential politician.

You were shaken by the collapse of a poorly constructed building that claimed the lives of 3, and injured many more. One day, you heard your Boss and a colleague, Mr. Tim Black, talking about their involvement in the deal that allowed the builder to use poor quality material. Before you could expose him, you received an anonymous letter with directions. You must investigate to find out who wrote it, and why.


(1 ratings)
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