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Discover Letchworth

Letchworth, the world's first garden city, is an idyllic location for those seeking a peaceful and scenic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its stunning parks, historic buildings, and charming streets, Letchworth is a wonderful place to explore on foot while playing a game.

Questo offers an excellent opportunity to discover the hidden gems of this city through an interactive and engaging scavenger hunt-style game. The game is designed for players to explore the city at their own pace, pause and resume at any time, and learn about Letchworth's history and culture through clues and puzzles.

One of the most popular attractions in Letchworth is the Garden City Greenway, a circular route that connects the city's parks and green spaces. This stunning walk will take you through the town's verdant surroundings, including Broadway Gardens, Norton Common, and the famous Cloisters.

Other must-see locations include St Mary's Church, the Spirella Building, and the First Garden City Heritage Museum. All these and more can be experienced through Questo's fun and interactive game, making it a fantastic choice for a team-building activity, school trip, or family outing.