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United Kingdom


Discover Birmingham

Discover the vibrant city of Birmingham, a bustling hub of culture, history, and modern innovation. With Questo, set off on an immersive walking journey to explore the city's fascinating attractions, such as the iconic Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the futuristic Library of Birmingham, and the historic Jewellery Quarter.

Experience the flexibility of playing anytime and the affordable pricing that makes Questo the perfect choice for independent exploration. Pause and resume your game as you please, allowing you to uncover the city's treasures at your own pace, without a guide, and with plenty of fun.

Questo's walking games offer a healthy and entertaining way to experience Birmingham, making it the ideal activity for friends, family, team-building events, and school trips. Wander the city streets, solve engaging puzzles, and uncover the captivating stories behind its landmarks.

Not only do these walking games provide an enjoyable and memorable adventure, but they also promote physical activity and teamwork, creating an unforgettable experience in the heart of Birmingham.