Questo Partners with Writers&Artists to Publish New City Exploration Games

Posted on Nov 17, 2022 by Questo Team

Questo and Writers&Artists have struck up a new strategic partnership which will see skilled, professional writers from across the UK and beyond publishing city exploration games in their local towns and cities — bringing the streets to life through gamification and quality storytelling.

In the first act of this new and exciting partnership, Writers&Artists members will enter a competition to publish new Questo games in their local towns and cities across the UK and beyond.

City exploration games give people the opportunity to explore a city in a whole new light, discovering its hidden gems and unlocking amazing stories—not to mention the rich history and lesser-known legends behind various locations. These games are accessed through Questo’s mobile app, designed to be used as players walk the streets.

To create a Questo game, creators write directions, cryptic clues, fun facts and a fictional storyline that leads players along a path of cherry-picked locations. Players become the main character with a clear mission, giving players a purpose to walk, learn and immerse themselves in the experience.

About Writers&Artists: The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, part of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, has remained the authoritative resource for putting people in touch, writers and artists alike, with the publishing industry for over 100 years. is the online extension of the Yearbook and is a completely free resource to writers and illustrators, providing guidance and advice on how to make progress with a project and get it published.

The ultimate goal of the partnership is to publish fantastic, immersive experiences for families looking to discover wondrous places—including the authentic cultures, stories and traditions of the people who shaped those places.

Prizes include: £1,000, a bundle of in-depth creative writing guides and masterclass resources, a copy of the 2023 Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook and more. In addition, all published games will be sold on Questo’s platform and distribution channels. Writers will earn 75% of all revenue generated on their games — Questo’s top-performing games in 2022 have generated more than €30,000 this year!

For more information regarding the rules of the competition, click here.

About Questo: Questo is a platform for real-world city exploration games designed and published by professional content creators, companies and storytellers worldwide through our Creators’ Room platform.

So far, Questo has published over 350 games in 140 cities. With these role-playing city games, players explore cities, solving puzzles in their surroundings and stepping into immersive narratives — driving them to discover even more new places and their secrets.