Lucky Winner: Questo's Thanksgiving Event 2021

Posted by Questo Team

The moment came to announce the winner of Questo's 2021 Thanksgiving Event!

This year we had people playing with us this Thanksgiving and most of them came prepared to win. Amazing vibes, happy people full of joy and curiosity for the quest they were about to start. From these people, we have selected the winner in accordance with the rules of the contest we had posted during the event. 

Read on to see who won! 

Who won the all-expenses-paid trip to DisneyWorld Orlando?  

Who won the big prize... the DisneyWorld Orlando trip for the winner and their loved ones? People all over the US took the time this Thanksgiving to come out to play and explore their city. Most of us now have ONE question! WHO WON? 

Well, the wait is over, we have a winner! She comes from Boston and her username is... susan_weiss!!! Congratulations, susan_weiss for getting the grand prize! May you use it happily with your friends and family! Enjoy! All Susan needs to do now is confirm the prize, receive and enjoy her trip!   

A big round of applause to all of you, you all have been extraordinary!

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